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Porters, Security and Safety

The Porters are a friendly, helpful and experienced team and are here to support, advise and assist our students with a variety of welfare and practical aspects of their time at Hughes Hall. Collectively, they are responsible for the security and safety of the college site, its buildings and its occupants throughout the 24-hour day. This includes:

  • Providing a welcoming reception service to members of the College and visitors
  • Patrolling the college to ensure the security of college buildings and grounds
  • Prioritising the safety of those living and working here
  • Responding to emergencies, including first aid and other critical incidents
  • All aspects of fire safety
  • Processing post and parcels for the college community
  • Managing site access, keys, and car parking.

The Porters’ Lodge is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need assistance from the Porters, please email porters@hughes.cam.ac.uk or ring the lodge on 01223 330484 or 07917 535 806, including in emergencies and outside normal working hours. 

Parcel collection times are 13:00 to 15:00 and 19:30 to 23:30 daily. Student Storage facilities are only open Monday – Friday between 13:00 and 18:00. Please see the Summer Storage Facility Policy for more information about storage facilities.

The Porters Team

The Porters team is led by the Head Porter, Ben Phillips. He has over 10 years’ experience working at Cambridge University colleges and was previously a University Constable. He joined Hughes Hall in 2022. Ben and his team are there to support and advise you. If you would like to contact Ben you can email headporter@hughes.cam.ac.uk or come and see him at the Porters’ Lodge.

Security and Safety

The following is a short list of points to help ensure the safety and security of students, staff, senior members and visitors to the College.

General Security

  • 80% of all crime is opportunist. Remove the opportunity and you reduce the risk of crime.
  • Security is the responsibility of all of us at College.
  • Always leave your room locked and, if you are on the ground floor, ensure your windows are closed when you leave your room.
  • You can register your valuable items with immobilise.com. It is free and is checked by all police forces. So if stolen property is recovered it is more likely to be returned.

Cycle security

  • Always lock your cycle. Cycles should only be left in the cycle areas provided on site.
  • Cycles left in unauthorised areas may be removed.
  • All cycles must be registered. A form is available for download and completion here.
  • When you have completed a bike registration form, please take it to the Porters’ Lodge where you will get a bike identification sticker.

Kitchen Safety

  • Never leave cooking unattended. If the hob or cooker is on then you must stay near it.
  • Always switch off the cooker/hob when you have finished your cooking.

General Fire Safety

Any fire, no matter how small is potentially dangerous. In all cases, the alarm must be raised, and the Porters’ Lodge alerted. All Hughes Hall buildings, including off site accommodation have an automated fire alarm system installed. If you hear the alarm, please leave immediately and calmly via the nearest available exit and make your way to the designated assembly point (see below).When you first arrive at college please familiarise yourself with the fire exits in the buildings.

If you discover a fire:

  • Break the glass in the nearest alarm box before doing anything else.
  • Ensure your own route of escape is clear and make your way to the designated assembly point.
  • Call the porters on 01223 330484 or 07917 535806 to raise the alarm and let them know what is happening.
  • Please stand at designated assembly point and do not re-enter the building until told its safe to do so by the college porters.

There is a programme of fire drills in college so you know what to do, and you must always take precautions against the risk of fire.

  • Fire doors are never to be wedged open.
  • Fire extinguishers and alarms are not to be tampered with.
  • Lighted candles are not permitted in any college rooms.

College Evacuation Assembly points

  • Fenner’s Building – Opposite the Fenner’s building by the front gates on the main drive.
  • Wollaston Lodge 1 and 2 – Fire Assembly point by the motorcycle bay on the main driveway.
  • Chancellor’s Court – Fire Assembly point by the motorcycle bay on the main driveway.
  • Centenary Building – Fire Assembly point by the motorcycle bay on the main driveway.
  • Margaret Wileman Building, MWB Building. – Fire Assembly point by the motorcycle bay on the main driveway.
  • Gresham Court – Outside the garages on opposite side of the road, on Gresham Road.

Personal Emergency Evacuation plans (PEEPS)

A Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan is needed for any college member who is unable to vacate buildings unaided. Please arrange this with the Head of Wellbeing or the Head Porter.

 Smoking Policy

Smoking and vaping is only permitted in the designated smoking area, located next to the Margaret Wileman Building (MWB).

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