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Tutors and Tutorial Office

College Tutors

As a student at Hughes Hall you are allocated a college tutor, who is concerned with your welfare and progress throughout your course.

You may consult your tutor over any matter concerning your studies, or in any personal, disciplinary or financial matter on which you need advice or help. Tutors are experienced academics or others who know the university well, and can help you navigate through the regulations and pressures of university life. You are likely to ask your tutor for references and letters of support during and after your time in Cambridge, since they take a particular interest in your personal and scholarly development and future.

Your tutors can act as intermediary for you in relation to the college or the university: e.g. regarding certification of residence, examination arrangements, and matters concerning good conduct (discipline) for which the college is held answerable by the university. Your tutor’s approval is required for various applications, e.g. Travel and Conference Grants, Changing Subject, Student Support Grants and many other student loans, grants and scholarships. Your tutor will also note your financial standing with college, and may remind you to settle your bills with college if needed. All tutors are able to help in a wide range of areas. But they may also direct you to specialist help in the university, or in the college as noted below.

You should email your tutor if you want to see them. Meetings may take place online or in person, in college. Tutors will agree to see you as soon as mutually convenient, though they may be less available outside of full terms. If you are unable to keep the appointment, please email to inform them as soon as possible. If you don’t remember your tutor’s name, email the Tutorial Office to ask on tutorial@hughes.cam.ac.uk or call 01223 334893.


Dr Roni Ajao

Race Equality Champion

Dr Sheheryar Banurisbanuri@hughes.cam.ac.uk
Evelyn Brealey
Dr Derya Cavga

Gender Equality Champion

Dr Francesca Crawleyfcrawley@hughes.cam.ac.uk
Kieron Deveykdevey@hughes.cam.ac.uk
Claire Dickens

Parents and Caregivers Champion

Maria Gloagmgloag@hughes.cam.ac.uk
Dr Ellie Greer
Dr Martin Hadley-Brown

Harassment Support Tutor

Prof Arthur Hibble

LGBTQ+ Champion

Prof Bill Irishbirish@hughes.cam.ac.uk
Dr Spencer Johnston
Amy Klohraklohr@hughes.cam.ac.uk
Dr Jean Lambertjlambert@hughes.cam.ac.uk
Dr Tori McKee

Senior Tutor

Dr Fei Morgan
John Morgan
Alison Nicholson

Disability Support Champion

Prof Ajith Parlikadaparlikad@hughes.cam.ac.uk
Dr Aude Rauscent

Harassment Support Tutor

Dr Carole Sargent

Deputy Senior Tutor (Admissions)

Dr Meena Singh


Annemarie Young



The Tutorial Office

The Tutorial Office is based in Margaret Wileman Building and offers support to students from matriculation to graduation; your key contact is Chloë Bevan, our Tutorial Administrator.

The Tutorial Office liaises with Student Registry (for both UG and PG courses) as well as with Departments/Faculties. It works closely with the Student Loans Company and Cambridge Bursaries. The office processes applications for intermissions and withdrawals and deals with examinations and graduations. It oversees Tier 4 visa monitoring throughout the year and issues student status letters for everything from opening a bank account to registering with a GP.

Contacting the Tutorial Office