College Tutors

As a student at Hughes Hall you are allocated a college tutor, who is concerned with your welfare and progress throughout your course.

Two of the tutors, Dr Othman Cole and Dr Corinne Roughley, are Harassment Support Tutors and have expertise in providing guidance in cases of harassment or sexual misconduct. Any student can contact Dr Cole or Dr Roughley if they have been affected by any form of harassment or sexual misconduct – their contact details are in the table below. See also, the policies page for more information about policies and procedure in this area.

Your tutor may want to see you at regular intervals, but all students may contact their tutor as needed. You may consult your tutor over any matter concerning your studies, or in any personal, disciplinary or financial matter on which you need advice or help. Tutors are experienced academics dedicated to student interests who help you to navigate through the regulations and pressures of university life. You are likely to ask your tutor for references and letters of support during and indeed after, your time in Cambridge, since they take a particular interest in your personal and scholarly development and future.

Your tutors can act as intermediary for you in relation to the college or the university: e.g. regarding certification of residence, examination arrangements, and matters concerning good conduct (discipline) for which the college is held answerable by the university. Your tutor’s approval is required for various applications, e.g. Travel and Conference Grants, Changing Subject, Student Support Grants and many other student loans, grants and scholarships. Your tutor will also note your financial standing with college, and may remind you to settle your bills with college if needed.

There is information below about contacting your tutor.

Your tutor may want to see you at regular intervals, but all students may contact their tutor as needed.

Contacting your Tutor

You should email your tutor if you want to see them. Even if you have already made a verbal arrangement, email to confirm it. Please only phone your tutor about genuinely urgent matters, unless they have told you otherwise.

If you are unable to keep the appointment, email to inform them as soon as possible. If you don’t remember your tutor’s name, email the Tutorial Office to ask.

In Full Term many tutors work elsewhere but arrange to be in Hughes Hall at certain times of the week and prefer to see you then if possible. In vacation tutors are less available, so you may have to wait to see them for non-urgent matters.

Tutors will normally see students in the the Margaret Wileman Building, either in the Tutors’ Room on the first floor, or in the Tutors’ Office on the ground floor (beside the Tutorial Office and opposite the Senior Tutor’s office).

Students who have experienced harassment or sexual assault may wish to contact one of the two tutors with particular responsibilities for these areas: Dr Ajith Parlikad and Dr Corinne Roughley.

The Tutorial Office can be contacted on 01223 3 34893 and tutorial@hughes.cam.ac.uk

Dr Othman Cole
Harassment Support Tutor
oc219@hughes.cam.ac.ukEmail for appointment
Dr Francesca Crawleyfc371@hughes.cam.ac.ukEmail for appointment
Dr Martin Hadley-Brownmh605@hughes.cam.ac.ukThursdays 7-9pm
Or, email for appointment
Prof Arthur Hibbleagh32@hughes.cam.ac.ukEmail for appointment
Prof Bill Irishbi223@hughes.cam.ac.ukFridays 3-5pm
Or, email for an appointment
Dr Philip Johnstonsenior.tutor@hughes.cam.ac.ukEmail for appointment
Senior Tutor’s office, MWB ground floor
Amy Klohrak892@hughes.cam.ac.ukMondays 4-6pm
Tutors’ Office, MWB ground floor
Dr Jean Lambertjl115@hughes.cam.ac.ukTuesdays 3-5pm & Fridays 1.30-2.30pm
Dr Alastair Lockhartasl21@hughes.cam.ac.ukEmail for appointment
Deputy Senior Tutors' office, MWB ground floor
Dr Elizabeth Mooreerm37@hughes.cam.ac.ukEmail for appointment
Mrs Alison Nicholsonan452@hughes.cam.ac.ukTuesdays & Wednesdays 4-6pm
Dr Ajith Parlikadaknp2@huhges.cam.ac.ukEmail for appointment
Dr Corinne Roughley
Harassment Support Tutor
cfa1001@hughes.cam.ac.ukEmail for appointment
Deputy Senior Tutors' office, MWB ground floor
Dr Carole Sargentcas1001@hughes.cam.ac.ukEmail for appointment
Deputy Senior Tutors' office, MWB ground floor
Annemarie Youngaey20@hughes.cam.ac.ukEmail for appointment

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