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Postdoc Spotlight

Hughes Hall has around 50 postdocs comprising Research Fellows and Research By-Fellows who form a vibrant and energetic group of academics.

Our postdocs come from around the world, from different backgrounds and with different career trajectories, and their research spans many subjects, including multidisciplinary areas, with most having a direct influence on policy and practice as well as real-world application.

They work alongside our senior members and our students, and particularly in support of our PhD community, to further research and make a difference to the areas they specialise in, often addressing some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Dr Islam Alshamleh, cancer cell biologist

Islam studies how cancer cells fulfil their energy and bio-synthetic needs to exploit cancer-specific phenotypes to develop new biomarkers for diagnosing as well as for treating brain tumours.

Dr Claire West, Nanoscientist

Claire measures and models the heat produced by metallic nanoparticles when illuminated with light and is currently measuring these effects on magnesium nanoparticles for use as nanoheaters in biomedical applications.

Dr Alison Twiner, Digital Education Researcher

Alison’s research is around “meaning making” and the tools we use to do this, particularly through teacher professional learning and communication through education dialogue, and through the work of Camtree.

Dr Markus Höpfler, biochemist and cell biologist

Markus is interested in how cells maintain a functional state in a constantly changing environment to help cure disease, with his latest work identifying the protein mutation behind a rare disease syndrome.

Dr Nyarie Sithole, Clinical Lecturer in Infectious Disease

Many turning points, coincidences and kindnesses marked Nyarie's advancee, tackling different pathogens and building up clinical and research expertise in order to benefit disease prevention and treatment around the world.

Dr Matteo Zallio, Inclusive Design Activist

An award-winning designer, researcher and adjunct professor, Matteo's research focuses on the study and design of inclusive products and experiences for users of all abilities, particularly within the metaverse.

Dr Jincan Zhang, Nanotechnologist

Jincan's work explores the practical applications and structure-performance relationships of 2D materials to grow, transfer, and functionalise graphene for practical devices, especially in energy and electronics.

Dr Fatmah (Mish) Ebrahim, Research Convenor

Mish synthesises materials with targeted functionalities, studies the mechanisms governing their photo-chemical behaviour, and uses those insights to construct prototypes that demonstrate their potential in real-world applications.

Our Postdoc Community

Hughes Hall’s vibrant postdoc community presents many opportunities to engage, collaborate and socialise, as well as to link up with the research going on in our leading Bridge research centres, and to support our students in a range of upskilling and career development activity. And, as a researcher, there are chances to showcase your work and to take advantage of initiatives, awards and events across the College, including a Postdoctoral Support Programme which, offers travel grants and provides funds for dinners, seminars and networking.