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Study and research

Building bridges between people, organisations and ideas

Reflecting the breadth and diversity of scholarship in the College, Hughes Hall has formed a number of subject groupings which serve as intellectual and scholarly hubs for the College’s senior and student membership. While rooted in the traditional subject areas of the wider University, each group runs a programme of interdisciplinary events and projects enhancing the College’s broader intellectual culture, supporting the academic development of the student body, and bringing together the student and senior membership.

These are presently grouped into the following areas: Biomedicine, Business and Economics, Education, HASS (Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences), Law, and Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

In addition to the everyday research and study of students and the senior membership, the College hosts a number of Bridge Centres, presently including Cambridge Digital Innovation, the Centre for Climate Change Engagement, the Digital Education Futures Initiative, and Oracy Cambridge, that function as focus points for the wider development and application of a number of special research activities and projects.

Our postdocs community

Hughes Hall postdocs stand out, both within the University and the wider academic world. They are frequently published in top-ranking academic journals, invited to prestigious conferences and recognised with awards for their work. They also regularly showcase their research to the College community. The reason our postdocs are so distinctive is that we look for those with a record of success beyond their academic pursuits – whether in sport, music, entrepreneurship or social impact.

By being different, our postdocs make a difference, through the real-world impact of their work. We support those who make new and exciting connections between academic disciplines, or from academia to the wider world – business, policy, charity and the arts.

Postdocs are appointed as Research Fellows or Research Associates. We were the first college to appoint a Research Convenor to maintain a strong sense of community among researchers, and other Colleges are now following our lead. We’re also planning to double the number of postdocs over the next few years.

The Edwin Leong Postdoctoral programme, supported by a generous benefaction, offers support for travel and provides funds for dinners, seminars and networking.

To find our more about the Hughes Hall postdocs, contact the Research Convenor at research.convenor@hughes.cam.ac.uk.