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Official documents

Committee Minutes - Governing Body

Document Title Action
Governing Body - Wednesday 26th October 2022 Download
Special Governing Body - Wednesday 17th August 2022 Download
Governing Body - Wednesday 15th June 2022 Download
Governing Body - Wednesday 11th May 2022 Download

Committee Minutes - Council

Document Title Action
Council - Tuesday 15th November 2022 Download
Council - Tuesday 4th October 2022 Download
Council - Tuesday 21st June 2022 Download
Council - Tuesday 26th April 2022 Download

Hughes Hall Accounts

Document Title Action
Recommended Cambridge College Accounts – Year ending 31 July 2022 Download

Statutes and Ordinances

Document Title Action
Hughes Hall Ordinances Download
Royal Charter and Statutes Download

College Historical Archive

Document Title Action
College Historical Archive Policy Download

Freedom Of Information

Document Title Action
Freedom of Speech Download
Publication Scheme Download

College Policy Documents

Document Title Action
Data Protection Statement - Staff and Senior Members Download
Safeguarding Policy Download
Health and Safety Policy Download
Hughes Hall Disciplinary Policy Download
Hughes Hall Grievance Procedure Download
Carbon Reduction Policy Download
CCTV Policy Download
Data Protection Policy Download
Data Protection – Subject Access Request Form Download
Data Protection Statement – Alumni & Supporters Download
Data Protection Statement – Job Applicants (Staff and Fellows) Download
Data Protection Statement – College Visitors Download
Data Protection Statement – Event Organisers Download
Data Protection Statement – Students Download
Data Protection Statement – Web Users Download
Employers’ Liability Insurance 2022/2023 Download
Employee Handbook Download
Prevent Provision Download