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College rooms

The College has about 360 rooms available to students to rent; 270 in buildings making up the central college site surrounding the cricket field, and a further 90 in houses owned or managed by the College and located in the residential streets in the local area. Most rooms are for single occupancy, though the College has a few flats/studios available for couples.

The College’s Accommodation Guide provides more information about College buildings and rooms.

Location maps

A Google Map showing the general location of Hughes Hall is available here. There is a map of the approximate locations of buildings and houses around the central site available here.


Hughes Hall accommodation meets the guidelines and codes laid down by ANUK. This is a voluntary accreditation scheme is an arrangement under which suppliers of rented housing voluntarily agree to meet a set of benchmark standards. The scheme is verified every 3 years by independent assessment. More information can be found at www.anuk.org.uk.

Policies and charges

College accommodation is priced by bands based on the floor area of the study-bedroom, whether or not the room has en-suite bathroom facilities, and the location. Details about bandings and charges for College rooms are available on the Student Centre > Fees and Charges page.

Allocation of rooms

It is College policy to give priority for college accommodation to students taking courses of three years duration or longer, and to give priority to first-year students for accommodation on the central College site. The detailed Accommodation Allocation Policy is available for download.

Room licences and leaving early

Most room licences run for the whole academic year to the end of June and can be ended early only under certain circumstances. A limited number of one-year licences are available for continuing students, these will only be available in off-site properties. A limited number of term-time only licences are available to undergraduates and in on-site bands A and B only. Students who may need to leave their accommodation early should refer to the early termination policy before consulting their Tutor.

Departure from accommodation

On departure, rooms should be left in a clean and tidy state. All personal possessions (including bedding and items from the kitchen and bathrooms) should be removed and disposed of correctly. Should items be left behind in accommodation, or the rooms left in a dirty state, the College reserves the right to levy a charge against the Caution Money paid by each student. A list of these charges is available on the Fees and Charges page (under Caution Money heading).

Residence requirements

During Full Term, all full-time students are required by the University to ‘keep residence’ by living in Cambridge. There are also University regulations on the number of ‘terms of residence’ and (for research students) ‘terms of research’ – see the University’s website for guidance. Undergraduates and Graduate Course in Medicine students who do not wish to live in College accommodation must seek tutorial permission to live elsewhere. Applicants in this position should contact the Admissions Office for advice, current students should see their individual Tutor. Students who need to spend time away from Cambridge for the purposes of their course or for other reasons must apply for leave to work away or intermission. (Undergraduate students especially should discuss these with their Tutor in good time.)

Quiet hours

The college regards the hours between 11pm and 7am as ‘quiet hours’. We ask those living in college accommodation keep noise to a minimum between those times. At other times, please take care not to disturb your neighbours and housemates with excessive noise.


There is more detailed information about accommodation and housekeeping matters, including safety and security, maintenance and recycling, and other practical aspects of college accommodation in the accommodation handbook.


Personal possessions/liability insurance is included for students in single rooms. Students in couples accommodation can purchase insurance from the brokers, but each resident needs to purchase separate cover under that scheme. Hughes Hall is working in partnership with Endsleigh, the leading student insurance provider, to provide contents insurance for the items inside your room. It is important that all students confirm their cover, to ensure you understand what is and isn’t covered.

Visit confirm your cover to see:
• What is and what isn’t covered
• Key exclusions – where cover isn’t provided
• Policy excess – the amount you pay when you make a claim
• How to make a claim
• How to personalise your cover

We understand students have a limited budget, so Endsleigh have designed unique student insurance options, designed to cover the risks you may encounter whilst living in student accommodation and away from home. View the current insurance certificate here.