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A vibrant and friendly college in a beautiful city

The University of Cambridge’s oldest graduate college, Hughes Hall bears the name of its founding Principal, Elizabeth Phillips Hughes. Established in 1885, we now accept postgraduate students and mature undergraduates in all areas of study and research, offering scholarships and bursaries targeted at new and continuing students.

We are one of the most international colleges, bridging the academic and external worlds, with an open and informal atmosphere. A distinctive aspect of College life at Hughes Hall is an egalitarian culture where interaction and engagement between the senior membership and students is open and encouraged; and everyone is allowed to walk on the grass!

A dynamic and progressive College, we have more than 50 Governing Body Fellows, over 200 further Senior Members from all walks of life, and around 900 postgraduates and mature undergraduates from more than 80 countries. Particularly distinctive is our “Bridge Fellows” programme, which brings a diverse group of outstanding individuals from outside the University into our Fellowship as full members of Governing Body.

An oasis of calm and quiet near the busy city centre, we provide a relaxing yet stimulating environment for study and research. Hughes Hall is situated alongside the University’s Cricket Ground, just off the cosmopolitan Mill Road.

We are one of the most international colleges, bridging the academic and external worlds, with an open and informal atmosphere.

Inter-disciplinary collaboration

We are focused on being an intellectual force at the centre of the University, concentrating on translating research into impact and inter-disciplinary collaboration. We have particular strengths in five subject areas, broadly in the Sciences and Social Sciences, where collaboration between the academic and wider worlds thrives: Physical Sciences, Engineering and Mathematics; Life Sciences; Business and Economics; Education and Social Sciences; and Law. We have world-leaders in each of these fields developing dynamic communities of interest within the College, with a reach far beyond our boundaries.

A determination to change the world for the better is realised through our Bridge initiative which leverages the College’s multidisciplinary perspective, international nature, and external focus to help turn brilliant ideas into lasting change. The Bridge at Hughes Hall helps researchers build relevant skills and enables networking and matchmaking between our academic community and external partners. It is structured around four themes, in different stages of development, through which we aspire to have impact on societies and engage our students: Global Health; The Future of Education; Environment and Energy; and Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. The Bridge also supports our centres: the Centre for Climate Change Engagement, Oracy Cambridge, Cambridge Governance Labs, and the Cambridge Centre for Digital Innovation.

These hubs of academic and professional innovation are having a wide-reaching influence, drawing global attention to Hughes Hall, and are one aspect of a large, vibrant, friendly and ambitious community dedicated to supporting one another in the pursuit of excellence, using academic learning to bring about real change and growth in the world.