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Harding Challenge

Double the impact of your gift

In 2019 the University announced the Harding Challenge Fund to enhance the impact of your generosity and multiply the power of your donation for the benefit of our students. Made possible by the £100 million gift from David and Claudia Harding, the Harding Challenge Fund will double gifts from new donors and those who have not given recently, in order to support the students in greatest need across the University.

Since 2019, over £14m in additional student support funds have been unlocked through gifts to collegiate Cambridge.

Who will benefit from your gift?

Your donation will still go entirely to benefit students at Hughes Hall in the area that you have chosen to support. The matching funds unlocked by your gift will be directed to support undergraduate students in greatest need across collegiate Cambridge, including Hughes Hall. The matching funds are distributed based on College wealth and undergraduate student numbers. This means that for Hughes Hall the benefit to the College is amplified.

What gifts qualify?

To unlock matching funds through the Harding Challenge, your donation must be made towards student life, education or wellbeing, such as through our Student Support fund or Scholarships. You must also be a new donor to the collegiate University or have not made a gift since July 2020.

Gifts of up to £100,000 will be matched pound for pound by the Harding Challenge Fund. 

Please contact us if you are unsure whether the area of support you are interested in will be accepted for the Harding Challenge Fund.

An outstanding opportunity

This is a once in a generation offer to multiply your support to the students who need it most. Please take advantage of the Harding Challenge Fund and multiply the power of your donation by giving to student support at Hughes Hall.

You can make a gift quickly and easily through our secure online giving page.