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Living with COVID at Hughes

Supporting our students and keeping our community safe

February 2022 saw an end to COVID restrictions in the UK, with an end to NHS provision of testing in April 2022. The government published a “Living with COVID” plan and updated guidance for universities, and the Vice-Chancellor communicated with us all about how the University will adapt within this new framework.

New government guidance for people with COVID-19 and their contacts was published and, despite changes to legislation, advice remains the same so if we develop symptoms we should stay at home.

For many of us at Hughes this is a very welcome move, however, we have all been affected by COVID in some way and are aware it has not gone away. There are vulnerable individuals amongst us, and the possibility of another ‘wave’ remains, so the steps we have been taking such as getting vaccinated and keeping to ourselves when we are unwell, remain important.

As a reminder:

  • We are no longer legally required to isolate if we have symptoms; and contact tracing has ceased
  • Face coverings are no longer mandatory in public settings
  • The provision of Lateral Flow and PCR testing by the University is discontinued
  • Free NHS testing has also ceased but Lateral Flow tests are available in pharmacies.

In line with Hughes Hall’s spirit of mutual respect and community:

  • If we feel unwell or think we may be infectious, we should avoid company and stay in
  • If we feel more comfortable wearing a mask, we should do so
  • Room capacities may still be used to help gatherings remain inclusive
  • If we are unwell and staying in, College can still help to deliver food and essentials (catering@hughes.cam.ac.uk)

And remember, our enhanced welfare support provision remains in place:

Further information

Please do tell us if you need support or advice, and let’s all keep an eye out for those around us who might need a helping hand or a sympathetic ear.

Updated 22.08.22