Hughes Hall is a College of the University of Cambridge with a vibrant, international and friendly academic atmosphere. A distinctive aspect of College life at Hughes is an egalitarian culture where interaction and engagement between the senior membership and students is open and encouraged.

We accept graduate students and mature undergraduates in all areas of study and research, and offer scholarships and bursaries targeted at new and continuing students.

Historically, the College has had a unique role in enhancing and supporting graduate study, and we welcome excellent students working in traditional and innovative fields throughout the University.


Student Body (MCR)

Posted on: October 12, 2017

Goodbye “Hucy”: Lucy Cavendish and Hughes Hall announce plans to row separately ...Read More

Posted on: October 3, 2017

Four Hughesians compete at the 2017 World Rowing Championships ...Read More
Discipline, Grievance, Plagiarism

Posted on: September 28, 2017

Taylor Harris Scholarship – Application Deadline in 2 Weeks ...Read More
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October 24 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Margaret Wileman Concert Series, Recital for Trumpet and Piano ...Read More

October 26 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Smart Cities with Ina Dimireva ...Read More
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Hughes Hall: 20th October RT @CamEdFac: Looking to #getintoteaching? Visit us on November 3rd to find out what makes the #CambridgePGCE so special! https://t.co/g9mp

Hughes Hall: 19th October Interested in consulting or banking? Tonight Dr Anthony Freeling & Laurel Powers-Freeling share their tips to succeed in these fields. 8pm

Hughes Hall: 18th October Meet our Senior Chef Kevin Chrebelski on this week's #HumansofHughes https://t.co/WWq3oPIYV6 Tell why you love the food at Hughes https://t.co/jFKSmQFoBV

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