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Student support at Hughes Hall

At Hughes Hall, we place a great deal of value on the wellbeing of everyone in the college and while you are students with us, we actively support you in a number of ways. This section includes information on sources of support within and outside College, welfare contacts and policies, and ways to report problems.

Our Head of Wellbeing, Dr Ben Marshall, coordinates this work. Ben and the welfare team work closely with key support staff, from Tutors and Porters to specialists within the central university wellbeing services, and external organisations like Mind.

Supporting our students: from right, Dr Ben Marshall is our Head of Wellbeing and Dr Ruth Holdstock is our College Health Practitioner.

Within Hughes, we have a College Health Practitioner and College counsellor available to support physical and mental health difficulties and provide friendly, impartial guidance. The Tutors are here to help you navigate ‘Cambridge’ as well as support you in dealing with personal challenges.

Outside of working hours, the Porters are a key source of help and advice and are there to ensure your immediate safety and security.

Our welfare team work closely with key support staff, student representatives, tutors, porters, central University specialists and external organisations.

Ben’s office is on the first floor of the Margaret Wileman building and you should feel free to drop by for a chat if there are things you would like to see in terms of welfare support (if you have an urgent need, you should seek the appropriate specialist support, which you can find on our welfare contacts page.)

For most non-emergency matters, your Tutor is your first point of contact for questions or concerns and can help you find the right information or report something that has happened.

The pages within this section address many issues which fall under the broad term “welfare” such as financial hardship, harassment and disability; and the information below provides an index of relevant links and contacts and should be read in conjunction with our Welfare Contacts and College Health Practitioner pages.

We have a number of tutors who lead on support for specific groups so please get in touch with any questions or concerns.

Hughes Hall sources of welfare advice and wellbeing support:

  • College Tutors, including specific champion roles (Race Equality; Disability; LGBTQ+; Gender Equality; Parents & Carers; and Harassment Support).
  • MCR Student Officers, including a  Welfare Officer
  • Our College Health Practitioner and counsellor are available to support your health and wellbeing needs.
  • There are a number of relevant College policies on different aspects of welfare such as student grievances, student discipline and appropriate academic relationships – we are happy to guide you through these if useful.
  • This page on Discrimination and Harassment explains ways to report harassment, discrimination or sexual misconduct plus how to get support and advice.
  • This welfare contacts page of provides links and contacts details of a number of sources of help and advice in and around College; and in our local area.
  • The library has a range of self-help books
  • There is a list of contact details for organisations who can help
  • Our Equality and Diversity section includes further information including how we support the LGBTQ+ community.

The University offers free mindfulness classes and there are also a range of meditation sessions available for students and staff.

Support with specific issues and for particular groups

We have a number of tutors who lead on support for specific groups and can be contacted if you are encountering specific difficulties or have things you would like to see in terms of tailored support:

  • Race Equality Champion: Dr Roni Ajao (rajao@hughes.cam.ac.uk)
  • Parent and Caregiver Champion: Claire Dickens (developmentofficer@hughes.cam.ac.uk)
  • Disability Champion: Alison Nicholson (anicholson@hughes.cam.ac.uk)
  • LGBTQ+ Champion: Prof Arthur Hibble (ahibble@hughes.cam.ac.uk)
  • Gender Equality Champion: Dr Derya Cavga (dcavga@hughes.cam.ac.uk)
  • Harassment Support Tutor: Dr Aude Rauscent (arauscent@hughes.cam.ac.uk)
  • Harassment Support Tutor: Dr Martin Hadley Brown (mbrown@hughes.cam.ac.uk).

The central collegiate University provides comprehensive information and advice:

For urgent help:

  • If there is an emergency (a substantial risk of significant harm to yourself or another person), you should contact the police/fire/ambulance directly on 999. Examples might include suspected heart attack, stroke, anaphylaxis, severe bleeding, difficulty breathing or yourself or another person feeling acutely suicidal and unsafe.
  • Following this, contact the Porters’ Lodge too so College is aware and so they can meet the emergency response vehicle (01223 330484 or 07917 535 806).

For urgent, but non-emergency, out of hours’ health care advice, including mental health, please call 111. For day-to-day medical advice, all students should register with a doctor (General Practitioner or GP) on arrival in Cambridge – details of how are on the College Health Practitioner page.

Updated 24.08.23