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Making a difference: why we need your support

For over 800 years, Cambridge has been changing the world. Since 1885 Hughes Hall has been a part of that story, and today Hughesians are playing their part in a huge variety of disciplines, from medicine and law to education and engineering. To our 600 strong international student body, we are a home, a support, and a community.

Our students and researchers are pushing the frontiers of scientific research into life threatening diseases, finding ways to help protect fragile ecosystems and developing new technologies that will improve the quality of people’s lives.

Whether you donate time, funds or expertise, your philanthropy helps us to make a difference. Click on one of the images below to find out more about the various ways we are making a difference, or make a gift here. To find out more about becoming a donor from outside the UK, click here.


A campaign to celebrate the life and work of Richard Berg Rust

We have been amazed and gratified by the coming together of Hughes and the wider Cambridge community in reaction to, former Development Director and Fellow Richard’s passing. We have discussed with his family how we can establish a permanent reminder of our feelings and we now have two new initiatives to ensure his special interest areas are recognised at Hughes.

Richard had many interests but two of his core passions were Sport and the heritage and culture of the North East. With this in mind we have decided to raise funds for:

A ‘Heavyweight’ Hughes Boat – Find out more.

A Lecture Series on Literature from the North of England – Find out more.



By remembering the College with a gift in your will, you can ensure that Hughes continues to be a home from home to students from all backgrounds, and that we can continue the good work that has made us what we are today.

More information can be found on our Leaving a Legacy page.

Our way to say thank you

All donors, whatever the amount given, will be recognised in the year of their gift in our annual donor lists which are sent out with an appropriate College publication.

The Gild: £250 – £1,000

Throughout our history, the support of students and alumni has been crucial to our growth and development. From our earliest days, students contributed a penny to become a member of The Gild (sic), a supporters club whose proceeds went towards the College’s most pressing needs. With the College facing its biggest project of modern times, the time is now right to re-launch the Gild and recognise our grassroots supporters. Supporters making gifts between £250 and £1,000 will be thanked with a limited edition crest badge and included as a member of the circle on the list of donors. There will be an annual event to welcome donors back to College as a heartfelt thank you from Hughes Hall.



The Founders’ Circle: £1,000 – £5,000

For those who make a cumulative gift between £1,000 and £5,000, we have created the Founders’ Circle in tribute to the original founders of the College, who by pooling their efforts and resources, were able to turn their commitment to education into a reality. As a member of this circle, you will receive a silver pin badge commissioned from one of the country’s leading makers of medals and regalia. In the year of making your gift, we will be delighted to welcome members of the Founders’ Circle to join us for a special pre-event reception on the day of the summer garden party as well as to an annual celebration of our donors.


The Elizabeth Hughes Circle: £5,000 – £10,000

Donors making a single gift or fulfilling a pledged gift of between £5,000 and £10,000 will receive a silver-gilt pin badge commissioned from one of the country’s leading makers of medals and regalia. We are delighted to invite members of this circle to join us for the donor’s reception in summer and the annual Donors’ Day.


Larger gifts

If you are considering making a gift above £10,000, we would be delighted to discuss the appropriate levels of recognition through our President’s Circle, and for transformational gifts, the Pfeiffer Fellowship. Recognition for gifts at this level will include invitations to small scale dinners with the President and Fellows, significant room naming opportunities, and other gestures as appropriate. Please contact the Development Office on or write to us at the following address: Development Office,  Hughes Hall, Wollaston Road, Cambridge, CB1 2EW.