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It is important to us that you can excel in your studies as well as broadening your horizons.

And that you can do this with a smile, whilst feeling comfortable, secure, well supported, and surrounded by people who want you to thrive. At Hughes Hall, we place a great deal of value on our welfare provision and have a tutorial team dedicated to your wellbeing, as well as a specific Head of Student Wellbeing and Welfare, College Nurse and College Counsellor. We are always here to help you navigate the peculiarities of the Cambridge system.

Hughes Hall offers many sources of welfare support: College Tutors, including specific Tutorial welfare roles (for example, regarding Black and ethnic minority issues, equality and disability, and harassment support). There are also student MCR Welfare and Equality Officers, available to help you during your time with us.

The College Nurse offers confidential advice and support to students and is available to help with health and welfare needs, ranging from minor illnesses and injuries to support for emotional issues. Our College counsellor offers sessions for students too. If more specialised help or treatment is required, we will refer you or point you in the right direction whether your GP, the University Counselling Service or other local services.

Our Student Centre Welfare section provides further and comprehensive information on aspects of student welfare, wellbeing, inclusion and support at Hughes Hall.

Equality and diversity

Hughes Hall is a progressive College which values its vibrant, friendly and inclusive culture.

There is further information about access and equality in our Equality and Diversity section, including pages on LGBTQ+ and race equality, as well as access and disability at Cambridge. We have made a commitment to promote equality, value diversity and maintain an environment for study, work and living in which the rights and dignity of all our members are respected.

Students, staff, Fellows and other Senior Members come from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities, and enjoy being in a location close to Mill Road with its cosmopolitan shops and restaurants.

Hughes Hall is a supportive College which values its vibrant, friendly and inclusive culture

Hughes Hall is proud to celebrate Black History Month, Transgender Awareness Week, and LGBT History Month every year. We work with MCR equality officers to hold a themed Formal Hall for each, and a range of events are organised by our community.