May I have some extra guest tickets for graduation?

The limit is three guest tickets per graduand, for health and safety reasons. Neither the College nor any of its Officers have any discretion in the matter. Extra guests can always wait by the door and ask the Constables politely if there are any spare places. Failing that, guests who wait outside will be able to offer their congratulations while other guests are still in the Senate House.

What should guests wear?

Most guests dress smartly, but this is not a requirement. Guests who are members of the University should wear their academic gowns, particularly Members of the Regent House (i.e. Fellows and most supervisors). Strictly this rule applies to Old Members and current students as well.

Are children allowed as guests?

Tickets are required for guests at all Congregations, and these can be used by children. However, the ceremony can last for up to one hour and guests are not permitted to move about within the Senate House during this period. The ceremony may not be suitable for babies and young children. Children are welcome as long as they can sit still and read a book quietly. The Constables may eject children and their parent/guardian if they break this convention.

May photographs be taken during the graduation ceremony?

No. Guests are emphatically forbidden from taking photographs or using video cameras during Congregations. The Constables will eject transgressors of this rule. However, the University does take photographs of all graduates, and it is possible to buy copies afterwards.

Where can my family park?

Parking restrictions are normally lifted on the day of Graduation. However, parking is given on a first-come first-served basis and is limited. Other car parks in Cambridge can be found at the links below.

Queen Anne
Grand Arcade

How and when do I get a degree certificate?

After the ceremony if you are presented in person, or posted to you if presented in absence. Extra copies can be ordered from the records section of the University’s administration at the Old Schools. You do not actually hold the degree until you have graduated, so there is no degree certificate that we could provide before then. However, the University can provide transcripts confirming that you are eligible for the degree as soon as you are qualified. (See Student Registry: Degree Certificates and Transcripts.)

How long do I have to wait after a PhD viva before I can graduate?

Your examiners meet and make a recommendation to the relevant Degree Committee, who make a recommendation to the Board of Graduate Studies, who make the actual decision (see schedule of meetings). Normally there is at least a week between these meetings.The College is happy for you to apply provisionally to graduate as soon as you know that approval is likely to be forthcoming. However, the BGS decision must occur ten days before the date of your proposed congregation, and you must satisfy any conditions by 10:00 am on the Friday eight days before the congregation (e.g. submission of corrected hard-bound thesis).

When do BA graduates become eligible for the MA?

BA graduates become eligible for the MA six years after the end of their first term of residence (5 years for BA Affiliates), as long as two years have passed since they graduated BA. If you believe you are eligible to graduate for the MA, please complete the online graduation application form for your chosen date.

What are the arrangements for medical degrees?

Clinical medical students complete their course in June. Successful candidates graduate to the BChir degree immediately so that they can practise legally. They then have a year in which to graduate MB, after which they will graduate automatically. The Medical School hopes that clinical students will graduate together at the July Congregation, but you must still apply in the normal way using the standard form.