You cannot graduate in person until further notice. Hopefully this will resume sometime in 2021, but we don’t know yet. You may opt to defer graduation in person until Congregations can resume as usual.

Alternatively you may graduate in absence, but note that you cannot later graduate in person to the same degree. However, those who graduate in absence in the current circumstances will be given a later opportunity to celebrate their degree in College and at the Senate House.

You cannot obtain a degree certificate without graduating in person or in absence. If you have completed your course requirements but not graduated, you can still claim to have completed your degree and can obtain a transcript to confirm this.

You must graduate in order to obtain your degree. You can do this in person or in absence, but in either case Hughes Hall must enter you for a graduation ceremony.

Cambridge has two types of graduation ceremony:

  • Congregation, held on eight dates throughout the year, for all degrees including MA.
  • General Admission, held after the Easter Term, only for BA and related courses (MSci, MEng, MMath). Elegibile students will be informed directly.

Apart from General Admission, the university does not specify particular dates for particular degrees, and each college is free to make its own arrangements. The President, Fellows and Senior Members of Hughes Hall would like to celebrate the occasion with you and your guests, so we encourage you to graduate in person on one of the seven dates when we offer a reception or refreshments. However, we recognise that this will not be possible for everyone, so other dates are available for graduation in absence.

Graduation procession

Dates. The ‘normal’ dates and arrangements for 2020-21 have been changed and/or supplemented due to COVID-19. Please contact the Tutorial Office before making any arrangements.

Timings for the day are confirmed at the beginning of the week of the graduation ceremony. If you are making plans in advance then please set aside the whole day for your graduation.

Date College Reception Graduate in person Graduate in absence To note for graduation in person
24 October 2020 none none all degrees mainly PhD & MPhil, plus other degrees
28 November 2020 none none all degrees
30 January 2021 none none all degrees mainly PhD & MPhil, plus other degrees
27 February 2021 none none all degrees
27 March 2021 none none all degrees mainly MA, plus other degrees
10 April 2021 none none all degrees mainly PhD & MPhil, plus other degrees
17 April 2021 (General Admission 2020) Refreshments BA, MEng/Math/Sci
(in-person uncertain)
BA, MEng/Math/Sci General Admission 2020 deferred
1 May 2021 Lunch MBA only
(in-person uncertain)
all degrees MBA only
22 May 2021 Tea all degrees
(in-person uncertain)
all degrees mainly EMBA & MFin, plus other degrees
3 July 2021 (General Admission) Refreshments BA, MEng/Math/Sci BA, MEng/Math/Sci only undergraduate courses
24 July 2021 Lunch all degrees all degrees mainly PhD, MPhil, MASt & LLM, plus other degrees
18 September 2021 (to be confirmed) Lunch all degrees all degrees mainly PhD & MPhil, plus other degrees
23 October 2021 Lunch all degrees all degrees mainly PhD & MPhil, plus other degrees


Hughes Hall will follow the same pattern as above on the equivalent dates in future years, as published on the University website.