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Transport and parking


Bikes are the most useful form of transport in Cambridge, enabling you to reach all parts of the University within minutes. However, there are many competing cyclists, cars taxis, and buses on busy and narrow roads. So note the following carefully, in order to enjoy cycling in the city, retain your bike and stay alive! UK rules and government advice are given in the Highway Code.

(a) Safety. You must use lights after dark, and are strongly advised to wear a helmet and reflective clothing or bands. These cost very little, and could literally save your life. Note that the police can fine you for riding without lights.

(b) Security. Always use a good strong lock, preferably a D-lock, especially in public places. Some people use two, to secure the frame and both wheels. Unfortunately bike theft is common, and has even occurred on the College site. To make things easier if your bike is stolen:
(i) insure your bike, through your home policy or a new policy for Cambridge;

(ii) keep receipt of purchase, note any details, and take a photo;

(iii) Register your bike with the free property registration scheme www.immobilise.com. You can also add ANY valuable property you wish to this registration scheme and we recommend that you do.

(c) Registration. You must register your bike with Hughes Hall. The Porters’ team administers the scheme. At registration, you should hand in a completed registration form and you will be issued with a tag with a unique number for you to attach to your cycle. If you pass your bike on to another student, please ensure that the Head Porter is informed. Occasionally all bikes left in College are checked, and those without a college number are removed.

(d) Bike racks. Please use these. Note that if you leave your bike where this is prohibited (including in buildings), it will be removed and you may be fined.


Cambridge was not designed for the car, and has very limited parking. So in principle students are strongly discouraged from bringing a car or any other vehicle. The two main exceptions at Hughes Hall are PGCE and CGCM students, who need cars for placements or clinical work. Any other student who wishes to park in College must make their case to their Tutor.

(a) University Licence. This is required for all students who have not yet reached MA status, which generally means graduates under 24 and undergraduates, and is granted by the university’s Proctors. To apply, you first need a signed slip from the Senior Tutor.

(b) College Parking Permit. Download and complete the HH Parking Form, then email it as indicated. Permits are £40 per term.

(c) College Visitor Parking Permit. If you need this, contact the Porters’ Lodge before your visitor arrives.


Cambridge has a good local bus service. Note especially the University ‘Universal Bus‘ service, which goes one way to West Road and the West Cambridge laboratories, and the other way to Addenbrooke’s Hospital.