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Undergraduate offer holders

Congratulations on your offer from Hughes Hall.

This page is for undergraduate ‘offer holders’ who have been offered a place at Hughes Hall including deferred entry offers.

Congratulations on receiving an offer! We are thrilled to have offered you a place to study at Hughes Hall. We wish you the best of luck in your upcoming exams if you are yet to take them.

Please carefully read all the information provided on this page and in the links. Be sure to check for updates regularly. 

We hope that you accept our offer and successfully meet any conditions required. Here’s what you need to do next. 

I am offered a place at Hughes Hall – what do I do now?

If you are offered a place on an undergraduate course (including affiliated students and Cambridge Graduate Course in Medicine) you need to accept or decline your offer through UCAS in line with the deadline they set (6 June 2024). For more information on accepting your offer please see the University’s Application Outcomes page. 

If any of the personal and/or contact details that you have previously declared in UCAS have changed or will change between now and the end of August, you should update them first in UCAS then email ugadmissions@hughes.cam.ac.uk to advise. These are the details we will eventually use to register you as a student so it’s vital that they remain up to date. 

Meeting the conditions of your offer

Before we can confirm your place at Hughes Hall in August, you must satisfy the conditions specified in your offer letter. 

Academic conditions

Unless otherwise specified in your offer letter, you must complete all the qualifications outlined in your UCAS application and obtain the specific results by 31 August of this year. Please note that this date may be revised should the expected timetable of announcement of results be delayed: if this is the case, we will let you know of any revised date.  

Unless explicitly specified in your offer letter, these results are required from the qualifications you listed as not yet completed. 

English language conditions

The deadline to meet the English language condition is August 31st, but it is recommended to obtain the results earlier to expedite visa processing. 


We prioritise college accommodation for students enrolled in courses of two years or more, and give first-year students priority for accommodation on the central College site. You can read more about our allocation policy on our Accommodation pages. 

The College will contact all applicants whose applications have progressed to a stage making them eligible to apply for accommodation with guidance on how to apply for a College room. Visit our Securing a College room page for more information on securing a room and our Accommodation page for details about accommodations in general. 

Fees and Finance

Detailed information about the costs of study and financial support is available on the University’s Fees and Finance website. You can also find more information about finance and payment on our website. 

If you have serious concerns about your ability to meet these costs, you should discuss this with us as soon as possible. 

When will my college membership be confirmed?

Provided you have met the conditions set by the University and the College, as well as satisfactorily completed the college admissions process, you will receive an emailed letter of confirmation of college membership. This letter will inform you of the date you are required to arrive in college for your College registration day. 

Preparation and arrival

We hope you have found the information you need, and we look forward to welcoming you to Hughes Hall. You may find our Preparation and arrival page useful in the meantime; our Student Centre also contains a lot of information about being at student at Hughes Hall. 

If you have any further question, we are always happy to help. Please email us at ugadmissions@hughes.cam.ac.uk 


Updated 7.5.24