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Postgraduate offer holders

Congratulations on your offer from Hughes Hall.

This page is for postgraduate ‘offer holders’ who have been offered a place at the College. 

Our website provides information on all aspects of Hughes Hall, including a virtual tour,  life at Hughes, our Students, and our Student Centre but for specific information for offer holders, and ways to get in touch with us, please read on. 

Once your application is accepted by the College, we will write to you with details of our offer.  

The Admissions Office aims to reply within 3 days, and process returned forms within 7 working days generally; however, at peak periods (March onwards) it can take longer given the volume of paperwork we are dealing with.  

Please make sure that you either add our email addresses to your contacts so that our emails will not be sent to the spam folder or check your spam folder regularly if you are waiting for our reply.  

What forms do I need to complete?

  • Complete the Acceptance Reply Form (ARF)

 If Hughes Hall can offer you a place, we will write to you with details of our offer and ask you to complete the Acceptance Reply Form (ARF). Please, submit the form as soon as possible so that we can further process your application. You will not be added to the list for college accommodation until you submit the ARF. 

  • Complete the relevant finance form 

If you applied through the Postgraduate Admissions Office (PAO), you must complete the University’s Financial Undertaking Form in order to meet the financial condition of admission. (See the University’s Your Offer page for more information.) The College may contact you to confirm details or request further information as a condition of membership. For more information about UCF, please visit the Finance section on the University’s website. You will not be liable for course fees if you withdraw your application before you start your course. 

PGCE applicants will be sent a Financial Support Form from the College and Judge Business School applicants will liaise with the department regarding fees and payment. 

  • Submit disability information

If you have disability requirements related to accommodation or other areas, please complete the Disability Information Form.  


How can I secure College accommodation?

Please note that the allocation process is based on a first come, first served system, with priority given to undergraduate, PhD, and PGCE candidates. When all rooms have been allocated, applicants who are still waiting for confirmation from the Accommodation Team will be added to the waiting list. 

College student accommodation is only provided for those studying full-time. 

Once we received your ARF, and the room allocation process is open (April or May) you will be contacted by the accommodation team and asked to complete the Accommodation Preference Form, where you indicate which price bands you prefer for your College accommodation.  

What if I do not get a College accommodation?

Because we are unable to guarantee accommodation to all incoming postgraduate students, we encourage applicants to familiarise themselves with the process of private renting in Cambridge. You will find useful information on Students living outside of College accommodation on our MCR’s website and feel free to contact the Accommodation Team at rooms@hughes.cam.ac.uk for advice. 

Visit our Accommodation page for more information about accommodation. 

Tuition fee

The College expects full payment of the UCF (tuition fee) in advance on an annual basis before starting your course if you are self-funding your studies. Our Finance Team will email an invoice after you meet the financial conditions, including the payment deadline, which will be published soon. Judge Business School students will liaise about payment with the Judge Business School. 

Non-payment: If you don’t pay your fees to your College, this constitutes grounds for removal from the Student Register and withdrawal from your course. 

If there is anything that is likely to affect your start date or if you won’t be able to pay your UCF, please contact the Admissions Team at pgadmissions@hughes.cam.ac.uk as soon as possible. We will do our best to find a solution for you.

More information on fees and finance please visit our Fees and Finance page.

When will my college membership be confirmed?

Provided you have met the conditions set by the University (either Graduate Admissions, the Faculty of Education or Judge Business School, depending on your course) as well as satisfactorily completed the college admissions process, you will receive an emailed letter of confirmation of college membership.  

Preparation and arrival

We hope you have found the information you need, and we look forward to welcoming you to Hughes Hall. You may find our Preparation and arrival page useful in the meantime; our Student Centre also contains a lot of information about being at student at Hughes Hall. 

If you have any further question, we are always happy to help. Please email us at pgadmissions@hughes.cam.ac.uk  

Frequently Asked Questions

This handy FAQ document will answer some of the most popular questions about accommodation and finance. If you cannot find your answer in the FAQ and on our website feel free to reach out to pgadmissions@hughes.cam.ac.uk