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Turn brilliant ideas into lasting change

Hughes Hall has a lively research atmosphere and supporting progressive, cutting-edge researchers is a central mission of the College. Half of our postgraduates carry out doctoral research, and many of our MPhil students follow 100 percent research pathways, or taught courses with a significant research element – and many of these are preparing to continue on to doctoral research in Cambridge and elsewhere. The student members of the College join a community of more than 300 senior members, the majority of whom are active in research in Cambridge and elsewhere, working at the cutting-edge of their fields and disciplines, leading international research centres, and publishing at the highest level.

While original academic research is not normally expected of undergraduates, as a mature College requiring undergraduates to be 21 years old or over when they join, many of our undergraduates arrive in Cambridge with considerable professional and life experience behind them. They benefit from a stimulating and supportive intellectual culture energised by the academic quest of the community.

Hughes Hall has a lively research atmosphere and supporting progressive, cutting-edge researchers is a central mission of the College.

Addressing the world’s most pressing problems

Many of the College’s students and seniors are involved in the Hughes Hall Bridge – an umbrella project that drives interaction between academic experts, policymakers, practitioners, and industry leaders to promote dialogue, innovation, and understanding. As well as seeking to promote positive outcomes by bringing academic excellence together with the most powerful social and economic drivers of global change, the Bridge works to equip and encourage our graduates as they transition into professional and academic careers.

The Bridge also incorporates four exciting Centres of excellence addressing significant global issues from climate change and education technology to oracy and digital innovation. Find out more about the research and impact going on in our Centres and become a part of something that is changing the world for the better.

Our Digital Education Futures Institute works in industry, policy and practice to explore the possibilities that digital technology opens up for for the future of education

The busy and thriving research lives of many of our members helps create a stimulating social and intellectual atmosphere in the College. Postgraduate study and academic research at the top level is inherently international, so the student community is extremely diverse with a near 50/50 gender balance and more than 75 nationalities represented – with about a third of the student body from the UK. Thanks to this, the social and intellectual life of the College is one of interdisciplinarity, collaboration and interaction. Students and seniors can find themselves living and working alongside people from all over the world and from across the academic disciplines.