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Fees and finance

Financial arrangements, fees and funding opportunities at Cambridge.

Students at Hughes Hall are required to pay fees for tuition, catering and accommodation (including a damage deposit). 

Undergraduate Finance

Before you apply you need to consider the cost of your tuition and your living costs. Useful information on both and about financial support can be found here.  Applicants will be sent a Financial Support Form from the College for completion at the time when an offer is made. 

Postgraduate Finance

Applicants who applied through the Postgraduate Admissions Office will be required to complete a Financial Undertaking Form (upload this to your self-service account) to demonstrate that they can cover their University Composition Fee (tuition fees) and living expenses for the entire duration of the course. Find more information about the UCF and living costs here. 

PGCE applicants will be sent a Financial Support Form from the College for completion at the time when an offer is made. Judge Business School applicants will liaise with the department regarding fees and payment.  


The College expects full payment of the University Composition Fee in advance on an annual basis before starting your course if you are self-funding your studies. If you do not pay your fees to your College, this constitutes grounds for removal from the Student Register and withdrawal from your course. 

If there is anything likely to affect your start date, please contact the Admissions Team as soon as possible.

Postgraduate Loan from the Student Loans Company:

If you plan to take a postgraduate loan from the Student Loans Company (SLC), please send a copy of the loan approval letter to student.finance@hughes.cam.ac.uk as soon as possible. Doing this will enable our Finance Team to issue the invoice accordingly. You can also inform us if you have applied but have not received any response from the SLC yet so that we can notify the Finance Team in advance of your application. 


If somebody else will pay your UCF (tuition fee) or part of your UCF, please inform us at pgadmissions@hughes.cam.ac.uk as soon as possible. We will need a letter that clearly states the name and address of the sponsor and the amount of money they will provide towards your UCF. 

Scholarships and bursaries

Undergraduate study

There’s a range of financial help available to students at Cambridge, including government student loans for tuition fees and living costs, the Cambridge Bursary Scheme, and College awards. For more information, see: 

Find awards, grants and bursaries to help with your Cambridge education costs.

Eligibility for other government and University funding usually depends on your financial circumstances. Some students may also be eligible for additional government funding, depending on particular circumstances/needs.

Whichever university you choose to study at, when you apply for your government funding, the amount you’ll receive will depend on your household’s financial circumstances. To work out your household contribution click on the link above.

Check out the outreach scholarships available to UK students for underrepresented groups. More information on financial support can be found on the University’ Fees and Finance and Student Finance website.

Postgraduate study

The University of Cambridge provides various funding opportunities for postgraduate students to support their studies.

Use the search function to find information about available funding opportunities from the University’s departments, colleges, and affiliated funding bodies.

Each year, the University of Cambridge provides more than £100 million in scholarships to new postgraduate students. These scholarships are funded by several generous sources from both the University and the Colleges, as well as by funding bodies that award funds to the University.

There are many external funding opportunities available. To check out the list of the most prominent funds click on the link above. Loans can be an excellent way to fund postgraduate study, and eligibility criteria often depend on your country of residence, as many loans are connected to government schemes.

The following loans are available for postgraduate students:

Please visit Student Finance for more information.

Some financial support and funding opportunities may be available for disabled applicants.

This page details the scholarships, other awards and grants available at Hughes Hall.

Find funding opportunities that may be relevant to your circumstances and find out if you are eligible for an application fee waiver. More information about postgraduate funding can be found on the University’s website and in the Funding FAQ.

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