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Supporting you

The College and the University provide a wide range of practical forms of support for students.

At Hughes, every student is allocated an individual Tutor who is an experienced member of the University and the College, and who can provide direction to sources of support and guidance for practical and academic aspects of a student’s career at the University. The College also has an on-site nurse and counsellor available to students for a wide variety of health and welfare needs.

The College’s students have IT support, study spaces, a dining hall, access to College clubs and societies through the MCR (the student association in the College), the public meeting rooms and student common room, all on the Hughes Hall campus. For some students on specific courses, such as the PGCE or Graduate Course in Medicine, or for those with required disability adjustments, there is parking available for the nominated drivers.

Students who require specific adjustments for a disability start should start discussions with Hughes Hall during the admissions process, ensuring they have appropriate access to any tailored support and specialist facilities during their career in Cambridge. More details are available in the section on student welfare.

Student Body (MCR)

The Hughes Hall Middle Combination Room (MCR) is a focal point for all students of the college, who automatically become members when they matriculate. The MCR organise a wide range of social events for the students, and have access to a multi-purpose room in the college. The room serves as a place to relax with friends over coffee, has a well-stocked bar, and is the location for bops, quizzes, bands and watching sporting events.

The MCR have their own website, keeping you up to date on their activities: Hughes Hall MCR and the MCR Facebook page.