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IT and Communications

IT Facilities

Hughes Hall provides a range of computing facilities.  Please see the sections below for more information regarding the IT provision in Hughes Hall. The College also offers basic IT support to Students, Staff and Fellows, and can be contacted via the following means:

Internet Access

The College is part of the University Computing Service wireless scheme, offering the Eduroam wireless network. Eduroam covers all areas of the College, University departments and on/off site accommodation managed by Hughes Hall. We do not guarantee 100% coverage of all bedrooms. To setup Eduroam, please follow these instructions. We do not provide wired ethernet access.

  • UniofCam wireless network is also available but this is for guest use only and is not suitable for everyday use.
  • UniofCam-IoT is also available for connecting smart devices like Amazon Alexa and Smart TV.

Computing and Printing

Hughes Hall provides the following resources:

  • Managed Cluster Desktops (first floor of the Library) – both Windows and Linux desktops are available.
  • Printing and photocopying is available (on the first floor of the Library and in the Pavilion Atrium) using the University printing services, We recommend using the “Cloud Print” service for PC or Mac or the “Mobility Print” for smart devices. Printing charges can be found here.
  • To add printing and photocopying credit to your DS-Print balance, make an online payment here.
  • The photocopiers have the ability to scan documents and send them to your email account as PDF files. Full instructions can be found here.

Further information

Mail and communications

Pigeon Holes

All college members are assigned a pigeon hole. The pigeon holes are located in the Porters Lodge adjacent to the main gate on Mortimer Road. Check your pigeon hole regularly for Royal Mail, important post from College, and any other deliveries. Items too large to fit in the pigeon holes will be held behind the desk in the Porters Lodge.

Students are reminded to check their @cam email regularly – many important College and University communications come by this route.


As a new student you will automatically be added to the e-mail list of Hughes MCR members. Your MCR will occasionally, selectively, send you e-mails about important things. Please read them! Members may also post to the list, but it is moderated, so an MCR member must approve any posts.


The MCR will be sending you a weekly calendar of events, The Hughesletter. This will provide you with details of the many and varied events taking place at Hughes in the following week. Essential reading! If you would like to add an item to the Hughesletter, please email it to the MCR President.

CUSU Mail Service

CUSU, the Cambridge University Students Union, offers a FREE mail service for students called CUSU-MS. Use it to send mail to students at other colleges. Recently re-vamped, the CUSU-MS service has improved noticeably. Post is delivered every weekday, within 36 hours of posting, to students in all 31 colleges. Place your post in the wooden box marked ‘IMS’, which can be found near the bar and the pigeon holes.

  • Write ‘CUSU-MS’ on the envelope, and the name and college of the recipient. An envelope is essential – no loose papers. A4 maximum!
  • Mail can only be sent to colleges, CUSU, the Graduate Union, and Girton Wolfson Court. Mail cannot be sent to University departments.