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College IT Policy

Please note that these rules, and, in particular, the ‘local’ rules are subject to change at any time. New rules will be posted in the Computer Room and sent by email and/or pigeon-hole to all members of the College.

All usage of Hughes Hall computing facilities is subject to the following University rules (these rules change from time to time and will therefore not be reproduced here: the current URLs are indicated as references):

University Computing Service Policies and Guidelines

and also the following Hughes Hall rules:

  • Antivirus software must be installed and kept up to date
  • Your operating system e.g. Windows/Mac OS must be kept up to date
  • Installed software e.g. Office/Firefox/Java must be kept up to date
  • The use of file-sharing software is forbidden without written permission from the IT Manager. Peer-to-peer (P2P) software such as BitTorrent, LimeWire and DirectConnect must not be installed.
  • You must not use, share or store applications, films, music, photos or other material if you are not legally entitled to do so. The use of copyright material without an appropriate licence is an offence punishable by a substantial fine or imprisonment. Copyright material includes software, music and films. See Abuse of copyright via the CUDN.
  • It is forbidden to make use of IP addresses, UserIDs and associated computer resources not allocated specifically to you.
  • It is forbidden to connect any unauthorized wired or wireless routers, access points or any other form of network equipment to any part of the college network
  • It is forbidden to connect any digital currency mining equipment to the University network or power such equipment from a College provided power source.
  • It is forbidden to create a wireless hotspot or share an internet connection.
  • All printing and photocopying is recorded against a User ID and will be the responsibility of the person to whom the User ID is registered unless that User ID has previously been reported as compromised.
  • Hughes Hall accepts no responsibility for the integrity of any program or data stored on its machines.
  • You must not run servers and network services, including file sharing, webservers and email servers on any computer without the permission of the Computer Office.
  • No person shall use IT facilities for unlawful activities.

Terrorism and ‘Prevent’

  •   Under the Prevent Duty, encouragement of terrorism and inviting support for proscribed terrorist organisations are both criminal offences. Users are not permitted to create, download, store, transmit or display material that promotes or incites hatred, terrorism or hate crimes. Researchers in this field should take advice from Dr. Rhys Morgan, Research Governance and Integrity Officer – rhys.morgan@admin.cam.ac.uk. Any students with concerns about terrorism or hatred material encountered by themselves or others should contact their College Tutor.

Network Monitoring Policy

  • The College Computer Office monitors the performance of the college network both to ensure continuing good service and to assist in resolving connection problems.
  • The University Computing Service continually monitors traffic at its connection to the Internet. Suspected abuse of the network, whether excessive levels of traffic, copyright infringement or any other breach of the rules, will be reported to the College Computer Office and Senior Tutor.
  • The University Computing Service also runs regular checks on all computers connected to the network. These “friendly probes” are an attempt to identify vulnerable systems before they can be exploited. Owners of machines with recognised vulnerabilities will be informed and are expected to secure them within a specified time limit, or be disconnected from the network. If the risk to other users is sufficiently high then disconnection may be immediate.

Disciplinary Action

Any person believed to be in breach of these rules is liable to have their userid, or other access to the College network summarily suspended and to be reported to the Senior Tutor, who may at their discretion impose further appropriate disciplinary action. This may include financial penalty and/or the removal of all rights to use the Hughes Hall computer facilities. Cases of breach of Cambridge University Information Technology Syndicate Rules will be reported to the Director of the University Computing Service.