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Support us

There are many ways to support our work

We are always looking to establish mutually beneficial relationships with our alumni as well as individuals, organisations, and companies outside the College. Perhaps you could bring your expertise to one of our Project groups or Centres of excellence and help to address some of the world’s most pressing problems. Is your organisation working to find a solution to a current world challenge which could benefit from our multi-disciplinary academic approach? If so, we would love to hear from you.

Another component of our work at the Bridge is preparing many of our current research community for life – and impact – beyond the college gates: in other research environments, business, policy-making, and practice. We aim to improve their understanding of the pathway from research into practice, helping them to learn transferrable skills, providing experiences of a range of professional environments and linking them with people whose skillsets and knowledge can drive their future success.

Could you be part of this initiative? If you are keen to build fruitful links with the College, the University of Cambridge, and the Cambridge research translation ecosystem and are in a position to inspire and equip the next generation of our post-graduates, we would love to hear from you. This partnership can enable you and your organisation to access some of the leading researchers in areas relevant to your business. You could spot upcoming talent before they enter the job market. You can develop a collaborative connection to a wider circle of researchers in order to address current global issues. Or, you can just contribute a little of your time to help inspire the next generation hoping to make a difference. For example:

  • Could you impart your career experience through an innovation seminar or via a case-study masterclass?
  • Could you run a Q and A session on influencing policy development or making change for good?
  • Have you developed your research specialism into a career within scientific, biomed or technological industries which could inspire future generations?
  • Are you part of a professional network which could be of use to post-graduates looking for new job opportunities?
  • Could you run a masterclass on workplace skills such as managing change or negotiating?
  • Are you willing to mentor a Hughes Hall researcher as they make important choices in their professional life?

To find out more about funding research translation at Hughes or to support a specific project we are working on within your area of interest, please email the Development Office: development@hughes.cam.ac.uk.