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Offer holders

Congratulations on your offer from Hughes Hall

This page is for undergraduate and postgraduate ‘offer holders’ who have been offered a place at Hughes Hall for 2023 or 2024 including deferred entry offers.

Our website provides information on all aspects of Hughes Hall, including life at Hughes, our Students, and our Student Centre but for specific information for offer holders, and ways to get in touch with us, please read on.

Important updates

Accommodation update. The process for allocating accommodation for new students arriving in October 2023 will open in May. We will contact offer holders whose applications are at the stage where they are eligible to apply for accommodation, and provide guidance on how to apply for a room.

Online Q&A sessions for postgraduate offer-holders. If you have an offer from us to study at postgraduate level, you will receive an email inviting you to attend one or all of our Q&A sessions. The dates and times are:

  • Wednesday 24 May at 13:30 (UK time)
  • Wednesday 31 May at 9:00 (UK time)
  • Monday 19 June at 17:00 (UK time)

If you have not received an email invitation, please contact pgadmissions@hughes.cam.ac.uk.

Replying to your offer

We hope you accept your offer and that you’re successful in meeting any conditions. Here’s what to do next.

  • Undergraduates – if you are offered a place on an undergraduate course (including affiliated students and Cambridge Gradate Course in Medicine) you need to accept or decline your offer through UCAS in line with the deadline they set. If you decide not to take up your offer, please notify us by 1st August at the latest. For more information on accepting your offer please see the University’s Decision page.
  • Postgraduates – to accept your College offer you will need to complete our College Acceptance Reply Form and the University’s Financial Undertaking Form. Both of these can be found on our College offer page for postgraduate applicants which contains additional information on what you need to do after receiving you offer of Hughes Hall membership. Note that you must also accept your University offer via your self-service account by the deadline on your University letter from the Postgraduate Admissions Office, or through the Judge Business School, institute of Continuing Education, or Faculty of Education (depending upon your course). If you have not made a decision by your respective deadline, the University will withdraw the offer of admission.

We welcome postgraduate students and mature undergraduates from diverse backgrounds in all areas of study and research

Meeting the conditions of your offer

Many of our offers are conditional on the outcome of qualifications and courses you are currently undertaking. Please note:

  • To take up your place, you must meet the conditions of your offer by 31st August.
  • Any outstanding qualifications for undergraduates will be given to us by UCAS.
  • Postgraduates can see full information about conditions and how to meet them on the University’s Your offer page.


We have more than 350 rooms available for students to rent; 275 on the central College campus surrounding the cricket ground, and a further 85 in houses owned or managed by Hughes Hall, near to College. See Location and accommodation for more.

  • We offer accommodation to all full-time students: undergraduates (including CGCM) and doctoral level students (including NOTAF, CPGS and MRES 1+3).
  • Accommodation for other postgraduate students is not guaranteed, but we do have rooms available and encourage you to apply.
  • Student rooms are priced by bands based on room size, location, and en-suite facilities. See the Guide on the Accommodation page, and information about how to secure a College room.
  • Once the College has received your acceptance, you will be contacted and asked to complete the Accommodation Preference Form, in which you can indicate which price band you prefer. For details of bands and prices see our fees and charges page.
  • When you have accepted your of college membership, and submitted your Accommodation Preference Form, we will email you about how to secure a room.
  • Our Accommodation Allocation Policy is available on our student accommodation page and explains the process and policy for allocating our rooms.

If you have queries about our accommodation or the allocation process you are welcome to contact the Accommodation Manager at rooms@hughes.cam.ac.uk.

Our campus is a quiet haven, with some of the largest and up to date, en suite accommodation in the University

Financial information

The University charges tuition fees for all courses; this differs depending on your fee status. The University has dedicated pages for information on fees for undergraduate and postgraduate students. As a postgraduate, you pay a University Composition Fee which is paid to your College to cover your education and College membership. You will need to complete the University’s Financial Undertaking Form, which is on the Your Offer page.

There are different ways to fund your degree including through the College, University, and externally:

Student Support

We place great value on our students’ wellbeing, and provide academic and personal welfare support throughout your time at Cambridge, for example:

Hughes Hall is known today as a progressive College, bridging the academic and external worlds with an informal atmosphere.

Preparation and arrival

We hope you have found the information you need and we look forward to welcoming you to Hughes Hall. You may find our Preparation and arrival page useful in the meantime; our Student Centre also contains a lot of information about being at student at Hughes Hall.

If you have any further question, we are always happy to help. Please email us at outreach@hughes.cam.ac.uk.