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Impact Leadership Programme

Equipping our researchers

One component of the Bridge is preparing our research community for life – and impact – beyond the college gates: in other research environments, business, policy-making, and practice. We aim to improve their understanding of the pathway from research into practice, helping them to build transferrable skills, providing exposure to a range of professional pathways and linking them with people whose skillsets and knowledge can drive their future success.

We provide a platform from which they can work towards their personal goals, as well as broader ambitions to become a force for good in the world.

The Impact Leadership Programme

The Impact Leadership Programme provides transferable skills and experiences to complement academic research training. It is open to second and third-year PhD students at Hughes and relevant to researchers from different backgrounds interested in a variety of professional paths. Within the Programme, self-development is not a concept but a practice. Participants are encouraged to reflect deeply about their paths, take ownership for change, and translate their learning into practice.

Programme Overview

The Programme builds up the understanding, exposure and experience of the participants in three ways:

  1. Learning concepts

Participants learn new ideas through a structured curriculum of self-directed learning. This self-study is complemented by workshops and facilitated group discussions to draw out the nuances and application of the learning.

  1. Building a network

Participants are exposed to different pathways to impact in professional life. Our network of practitioners in different fields share their journey and advice on applying the transferable skills of a researcher in different environments.

  1. Applying concepts in practice

Participants are offered a one-to-one session with a professional coach to explore and plan their personal growth journey. They can also join projects in Bridge Centres or at a partner organisation to build hands-on experience of translating research into impact.

Find out more

The learning curriculum develops your knowledge in the three key areas outlined in the visual below. By clicking the image you can also watch a short introductory clip about the Programme:


Some of our recent ILP participants share their experience of the course and how they benefitted from the Programme.

How to apply

The ILP is launched in September each year and all eligible members of Hughes Hall receive an invitation email with details of how to apply. The Programme is free but participant numbers are limited to ensure optimised learning. You can email Dr Jimmy Chan if you would like to know more: jc2116@hughes.cam.ac.uk.

Updated 9.9.23