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Disability information

It is helpful if you are able to provide details regarding support you may need from the College, even if you have already provided information to the Accessibility & Disability Resource Centre. Please use the form below, or email tutorial@hughes.cam.ac.uk to provide initial information.

Where necessary, the College will contact you for further medical information or other reports so that we can ensure the requirement is appropriately supported. As these can take time to obtain, we recommend that you discuss this with your medical advisors as early as possible. Please be proactive in providing this information.

If you choose to disclose details, we undertake that these will only be shared on a need-to-know basis, notably those who need to provide support or make adjustments.

Please ensure you also complete the University’s Accessibility & Disability Resource Centre’s information form as well www.disability.admin.cam.ac.uk/student-information-form