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Library guidelines

Please help us to maintain a safe, clean and comfortable study environment for everyone:

  • The Library and its facilities are for the use of Hughes Hall members only. Members of other Colleges and accredited scholars external to the University will only be admitted by prior arrangement with the Library Team, to consult items that they can’t access elsewhere.
  • Keep noise to a minimum and switch electronic devices to silent or vibrate in the Library.
  • Drinks in covered cups and sealed containers may be taken into the Library.
  • Food may be eaten in the Library but please be considerate of your environment and clean up after yourself. Avoid noisy, smelly or messy foods.
  • Check books out using the self-issue machine before removing them from the Library. If you’re unable to use the computer for any reason please complete a paper borrowing slip instead.
  • Take care of your Library books and don’t annotate or mark them in any way. A replacement fee will be charged for lost or damaged books.
  • Return Library items promptly, especially if they have been recalled by another student.
  • Clear your desk when you leave the Library so that others can use the study space. Hughes Hall books should be left on the trolleys for re-shelving.
  • Return all items borrowed from the Hughes Hall Library, including locker keys, before you graduate.