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Quondam Fellow

In late July, 2021 Philip Raymont will conclude his role as Senior Chaplain & Head, Religion, Philosophy & Ethics at Guildford Grammar School, a co-educational Anglican boarding school in Perth, Western Australia. He has held this appointment since leaving Hughes Hall as its first ever full-time Senior Tutor in July, 2009. Philip is to become the first residential clergyperson in the rural parishes of Beverley, Brookton, Quairading and York for over a decade.
In September, 2000, after ten years as a Deputy Head and Head of residential colleges in Australian universities, and having recently completed a First Class Honours Master of Education degree at the University of Melbourne, Philip left Australia to commence a doctorate at the University of Cambridge as a Gosden Scholar at Selwyn College. His research continued his ongoing interest in the relationship between the Church and State in university education in Australia, by undertaking the first significant study of the foundations of the civic universities in England in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries with particular reference to the place of “residence” and the relationship of churches to these civic universities. Having completed his doctorate Philip acted as Chaplain of Selwyn College at the University while being a lecturer in the Faculty of Education. In 2007 he was appointed Senior Tutor and Fellow at Hughes Hall.
Philip will remain the Chair, Board, Wollaston Theological College, the Diocesan college for education, formation and training in the Diocese of Perth, as well as being Chair, Archbishop’s Examining Chaplains’ Committee in the Diocese. He is an elected Canon of St George’s Cathedral, Perth. He maintains his academic interests through membership of both the Australian Historical Society (AHA) and the Australian and New Zealand History of Education Society (ANZHES). His interest in local history is sustained by membership of the Royal Historical Society of Western Australia and the Swan Guildford Historical Society.