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Research By-Fellow

Collaboration around societal matters is one of the important ways in which I think improvements in our world can be achieved. My current work at The Healthcare Improvement Studies (THIS) Institute focuses on the NHS – how to improve it, how to sustain it, how to make it equitable – by bringing the expertise and voices together of patients, clinicians and other experts. One of my professional and personal interests lies in knowing and understanding other cultures. This has been a big drive for travelling and working abroad, reading as much as I can about people, institutions, governments, international health organisations, types of thinking and policies across the world, and always being interested in conversations with people with different backgrounds than those of myself.

I much appreciate the opportunity to be part of Hughes Hall as a Research Associate. I would like to use the position to further broaden my research, professional and personal interests, and contribute to Hughes Hall’s exciting intellectual, educational and social community.