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Double blades at May Bumps for Hughes Hall Boat Club

Congratulations on a fantastic week of rowing!

With a mix of novice rowers and University Blues, May Bumps 2024 showcased HHBC’s talent, camaraderie and dedication, despite the weather.

Our M1, W1 and M2 boats all competed each day, with both M1 and W1 moving up a division and getting blades – and the women’s boat winning superblades (bumping in every race and more than 4 times).

M1 crew (left) and W1 crew

‘We are extremely proud of all the rowers and coxes who took part in May Bumps.” said Kimberly Cheam, Hughes Hall Boat Club President.

“The incredible achievements across the club are a testament to everyone’s hard work throughout the year, despite unprecedented levels of wet-weather training, flooding and cancelled races! As a small club, we do not have access to some of the equipment and opportunities (such as training camps) available to our competitors, which makes the achievement of two sets of blades even more valuable.”

“We are especially pleased that W1 and M1 were each able to move up a division, as this has been a long-term goal on both sides. W1 is now in the highest May Bumps position they have ever been! Our M2 also fought impressively against some very strong crews, despite most of the crew only having learnt to row this year. We are excited to see the club continue to develop and look forward to welcoming lots of new rowers in the autumn!”

M2 crew (top), W1 (bottom left), M1, both with College flag and greenery

Professor Caroline Trotter, Governing Body Fellow and HHBC Senior Treasurer, was delighted: “Our results on the water are of course a testament to our fantastic rowers but also to the dedication and hard work of the Boat Club committee, off the water. Congratulations to everyone who makes rowing at Hughes Hall so inclusive and successful – from those who had not held an oar before joining Hughes to others of such high calibre that they helped secure a Boat Race double this year.”

Hughes Hall MCR Officers, students, and staff brave the rain to cheer on our crews.

HHBC is the biggest society at Hughes Hall, and every year welcomes dozens of new rowers and coxes to the club, ranging from those who have never touched an oar, to those with many years of competition experience. Emphasis is put on the social and wellbeing benefit of sport alongside the competition. Rowing can be an excellent complement to academic studies by providing structure, the opportunity to decompress and a support system of friends made in the club.

W1 Boat

  • Bow: Pauline Vessiere; 2, Linda Prüẞ/Jojo Yue; 3, Lucy Rogers; 4, Isabella Morse; 5, Sarah Rosanowski; 6, Kimberly Cheam; 7, Helena Olandi; Stroke, Kate Oglethorpe
  • Coxswain: Hugh Foley
  • Coaches: Matt Hunt

M1 Boat

  • Bow: Mingchuan Zheng; 2, Josh Klarica; 3, Samuel Barwood; 4, Anders Nielsen; 5, Peter Novak; 6, Noam Mouelle; 7, Kenny Coplan; Stroke, Thomas Lynch
  • Coxswain: Elizabeth Foster
  • Coaches: Roy Cooper, Graeham Cooper

M2 Boat

  • Bow: Marno Swart/Felix St-Maur-Sheil; 2, Nathan Revor; 3, Frederik Hopkins; 4, Mathieu Perez; 5, Jan-Willem Koldehofe; 6, Jerry Yu; 7, Antoni Wojcik; Stroke, David Whyatt
  • Coxswain: Declan Coxall
  • Coaches: Sophie Machin, Miguel Beneitez, Nick Porter

If you would like to find out more or try rowing at Hughes please email the club: boatclub@hughes.cam.ac.uk.