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Building Bridges in Medical Science – and at Hughes Hall!

How two Hughes Students are providing a platform for transdisciplinary biomed discussions for students who want to leave a mark on earth.

Building Bridges in Medical Sciences (BBMS) is a society that unites students and researchers, and enables them to connect, network and get inspired with the purpose of helping to unlock their potential, and advance the world. This bold ambition is achieved by bringing together an influential, inspiring and relevant network of people to deliver conferences, seminars, networking events and more.

Tanatswa Chikaura, a Neuroscience MPhil student at Hughes Hall and Junior Treasurer of BBMS, spoke to us about her involvement:

“The society adds so much value to my experience at College, and so much promise to my ambitions once I leave its gates. It creates a platform for me to learn how I can adapt my research to local contexts, assessing barriers and implementing interventions that can transform the world”

“I am passionate about mental healthcare, particularly, the personalisation of mental health treatment and I have identified gaps in the global mental health space including a lack of cultural validity and representation. BBMS provides me with a platform to not only network but to receive knowledge that can help me to make my research tangible and put my passion into action.”

“More broadly, through BBMS, I can help other young people to be more confident in their own dreams by helping to inspire them with stories of real success and of making a difference.  Young people can tap into their potential and get the necessary skillset and support they require to leave a legacy. BBMS is about leaving footprints of good on this earth.”

Building Bridges in Medical Science runs a variety of events, from seminars and lectures to formal dining and networking events to help their student community get the most from their membership, and from wider society.

This month, BBMS hosted a black-tie networking and event at Hughes Hall. The keynote talk was delivered by the Scientist-entrepreneur, CEO, and Co-Founder of Start Codon, Jason Mellad.

“In an inspiring talk entitled “The future is female and colourful”, Jason talked about the future of healthcare and encouraged us to build start-ups that are representative and inclusive. He spoke about being bold, brave and breaking barriers. And, it was fantastic to welcome guests from so many relevant start-up companies and initiatives with their own stories of changing the world.” Said Tanatswa.

Chisomo Zimphango is doing a PhD in Clinical Neurosciences at Hughes Hall and is President of BBMS:

“Leading BBMS is huge privilege. What makes us special is the potential and inspiration we provide to others – we truly believe that opportunities are endless when we forge meaningful networks of thinkers and doers; committed to making the medical sciences serve others.”

“Our student members have been able to make informed decisions about their career choices by speaking to an established community of academics, entrepreneurs, and policy makers that we have brought together. That is something very real, and something that will have an impact for many years to come, as our members find their way in the world and start to apply their learning and research across many disciplines.”

“I’d like to thank Hughes Hall here too – our initiative is not feasible without their support, and their people. It is a symbiotic relationship – we continue to support and inspire the College community and they continue to encourage us on our mission at Cambridge – and around the world. Hughes Hall’s motto, disce ut servias – learn in order to serve – feels very apt.”

Coming up

  • The BBMS Annual Conference will take place on 18th of March 2023 – details coming soon. They promise fantastic speakers and a great opportunity to network.
  • They are also running a “Career in Consulting” event on the 6th February 2023 at Hughes Hall to create a platform for biomedical students to know more about life sciences consulting if they want to pursue that career path. Click to sign up.

Further information

See their website for more on BBMS; and to get in touch with the society. And, to connect with BBMS: