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The COVID19 Pandemic: Impact on Thinking and Practice in some Key Sectors

The Bridge at Hughes Hall presents a series of four online panel and audience discussions.

This first event forms part of the Global Health theme and series of seminars at Hughes Hall.  The pandemic has not only had an impact on the delivery of health care across all systems, it has also affected the delivery of education for all clinical learners and practitioners.  Through an inter-professional lens, three particular areas will be examined –  syllabus delivery, assessments, and well-being and vulnerability.

The panel will discuss how the pandemic has affected:

  • Professional learning and Competences
  • The delivery and interpretation of assessments
  • The wellbeing and the protection of vulnerability in learners and teachers

It will also focus on what are the learning points and how do we take them forward, research, evaluation and implementation?


  • Dr Riikka Hofmann, Faculty of Education
  • Professor Bill Irish, Post Graduate Dean at Health Education East of England
  • Professor Arthur Hibble, Hughes Hall
  • Professor Jackie Kelly, Dean, School of Health and Social Work, University of Hertfordshire

The format will be a moderated panel discussion (30 minutes) where each panellist will introduce a question or sub-theme with a short address to which other panellists can respond with questions and comments that provide further insights. After the panel discussion, all people attending will join one of a range of breakout room with one of the panellists for further discussion (20 minutes) on their sub-theme. In the final plenary session, the outcome of the discussions in each breakout group will be shared to identify where intersections and opportunities for future research or impact may exist.

This event is open to all, whether or not you are a member of Hughes Hall.

A recording of this meeting is now available. Click here