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Covid 19: methodological challenges in educational research

This seminar forms part of the Education subject area events series at Hughes Hall.

2020 has been marked as an unprecedented event globally.  As a community of scholars in education, we were affected in many ways.  Researchers, school leaders, teachers and professionals in the field, as well as students, all had to adapt to the new circumstances. We all had to rethink our roles, our methods of communication, and our practice as well as our research. In this event we will hear from four scholars in the field as they reflect on how COVID-19 has impacted them, particularly with respect to educational research methods:

  • Professor Nidhi Singal will present on Educational research and its culpability in reproducing epistemic injustices during COVID 19
  • Dr Riikka Hofmann will present on Secondary data analyses in qualitative research: Research questions and approaches in times of COVID-19
  • Dr Sonia Ilie will present on how COVID-19 has shifted methodological approaches in a few large evaluations
  • Professor Ricardo Sabates Aysa will present on how resilient and flexible are research methods to support educational changes during a pandemic

This 1 hour event will start with 4 short presentations (7 minutes each), followed by work in breakout rooms with our panellists. During the breakout rooms, Dr Pete Dudley has prepared an activity where those in the room produce a decision-making model starting with the key question they want to investigate, the optimal methodological approach, the methodological compromises due to covid-19, the implications to responding to the original question, and any plans to mitigate.


It is important that you are register for this event so that we can plan numbers and breakout facilities.  We would like to request that affiliation, and course/subject details are collected so that we can allocate groups as diversely as possible

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