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Alumni Spotlight: Governments, Charities and AI

Join social scientist and Hughes Hall alumnus, João Lobato, in a discussion on his work in Artificial Intelligence and how it can transform Governments and Charities.

João completed his MPhil in Latin American Studies at Cambridge back in 2010 and has since gone on to forge a successful career working on projects for the UN, the World Bank, Greenpeace, amongst others. He now works as a Consultant and Research Director at Cooper & Sacks, a company whose mission is to bridge the gap between the complexity of AI and the needs of public and third sector organisations.

Artificial Intelligence has dramatically changed business, communications and many aspects of our lives. The impact in the public and third sectors, however, has been small despite the huge potential. In this talk João will discuss the current and potential use of AI for social good and his work making the benefits of AI more widely available.

All welcome, including non college member. Register for this online event here.