Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity

Hughes Hall is a progressive College which values its vibrant, friendly and inclusive culture.

We have made a commitment to promote equality, value diversity and maintain an environment for study, work and living in which the rights and dignity of all our members are respected. Students, staff, Fellows and other Senior Members come from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities, and enjoy being in a location close to Mill Road with its cosmopolitan shops and restaurants.

Hughes Hall is proud to celebrate Black History Month, Transgender Awareness Week, and LGBT History Month every year. We work with MCR equality officers to hold a themed Formal Hall for each, and a range of events are organised by our community. If you would like to hear from some Hughes Hall students and researchers about their experiences with regard to wider inclusion, diversity and equality issues, these TEDx talks are a great resource: TEDxCambridgeUniversity, and Hughes News pieces such as these address some key issues: Flipping the narrativeGetting the most out of lifeCalling new and expecting parentsYou can’t be what you can’t seeMy journey to Hughes Hall…via the Pakistan space agency and Celebrating Hughes Hall women in STEM.

We aim to be accountable, inclusive and diverse in terms of our College communities. This page summarises our efforts in this area and links to recently undertaken survey data regarding diversity at Hughes Hall in terms of race and gender. Papers with more detailed figures, can be found here (staff and Senior Members) and here (students).

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The College values its diversity and has made a commitment to promote equality

Equality, Diversity and Welfare Contacts

Hughes Hall students are encouraged to speak with their tutor initially if they have any concerns or questions about equality and diversity matters. There are also a number of MCR Committee students officers (including a Female and Non-binary Welfare Officer, Male and Non-binary Welfare Officer, Equality and LGBTQ+ Officer, and an Equality and BAME Officer) whose roles include support and promotion of inclusion and equality. The College’s Race Equality Champion, and Hughes Hall Fellow, Dr Othman Cole, is available for students with concerns related to race and ethnicity issues and takes the lead in promoting equality for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students. Dr Corinne Roughley takes a lead for the College in Disability and Welfare matters, as well as Harassment and Sexual Misconduct support, alongside Dr Martin Hadley-Brown. Dr Philip Johnston, Senior Tutor, is also available to discuss all welfare matters with students.