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Naming a Room in our Gresham Road building – Kevin’s story

Our new Gresham Road building is rising quickly with the completion date of September 2016 fast approaching. As part of the fundraising for the building we are giving college members the chance to name a room in the new building for £5000 or for £83.33 (inc Gift Aid) per month if you pay monthly– to either signify your time at Hughes, your journey since or simply make your mark on Hughes and the students that call our new building home during their studies.

Alumnus, Kevin Walsh (PGCE 1991) recently shared his thoughts with us on the reasons why he decided to name a room. He wrote “When I did my PGCE at Cambridge all those years ago I had no idea that it would mark the start of a life-long relationship with Hughes. I am a schoolteacher in London these days and I have no doubt that my hugely enjoyable time at Hughes was responsible for setting my career in a favourable direction. For this reason alone I feel a debt of thanks to my old college.”

But his past connection with Hughes is not his only reason for naming a room. Kevin has been a regular visitor to Cambridge over the years and overnight stays for meetings lasting two or three days have been necessary. On these occasions, if available, the Hughes Hall guest rooms have meant a cheap and comfortable option for these short stays. As well as being an alumnus of the college, Kevin is also a current student, back at Cambridge doing a research degree at the Faculty of Education. The connection Kevin has with Hughes Hall, like many other alumni, is one that is life long, welcoming and strong.

Kevin said “there are a quite a few links stretching back over the years and continuing to this day (and into the future) and for these reasons it is a great pleasure and a privilege to be associated with this tremendously exciting Gresham Road project.  Donating to the building of a room on a monthly basis fits in really well with my financial situation and so it has been very straightforward and mercifully painless.”

Other alumni wishing to Name a Room in Gresham Room are offered the option to pay monthly or even find a group to name a room together. Visit our Room Hub page on our website to find out more information.