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Open for applications: summer internships at Centre for Climate Engagement

Do you care about climate action? Do you want to gain paid work experience on a real-life project?

The Centre for Climate Engagement (CCE) is one of the Bridge Centres at Hughes Hall and offers paid work experience opportunities for 10 undergraduate and postgraduate students (up to one year after graduation for undergraduates).

For the first time, the programme will run across multiple projects, providing opportunities for applicants with a wide range of interests and skill sets. It will include up to 10 internship positions which will run for the equivalent up to four full-time weeks (up to 150 hours), to be completed over June to September as applicable for the individual positions. The interns will be based at Hughes Hall but can work remotely.

Apply now: exciting opportunities for Hughes Hall students to be part of our climate centres, translating academic research to accelerate climate leadership on boards around the world.

Pasha Taylor joined us as an intern in 2023 and said: “The internship helped further my experience doing research-based work and provided me with an opportunity to deepen my understanding of climate governance and its role in driving sustainable change. I was lucky enough to learn from experienced professionals and gain practical insights into policy development, international negotiations, and sustainable practices.”

And Nobu Ndlovu, who worked as an intern in 2023, is now working for the Centre’s Climate Governance Initiative as Network Manager, following her Master’s at Hughes in Conservation Leadership. You can read Nobu’s story here: Life at Hughes: scholarship, learning, working and interning.

She said: “I chose Hughes Hall because of its student diversity and mostly because of the Centre for Climate Engagement (CCE). The Master’s in Conservation Leadership aligned with my values as well as providing me with the skills and knowledge I needed to progress my career and become a better version of myself. I worked as an intern for the CCE team in a communications role initially, and am now their Network Manager! It has been really a life changing experience being part of Hughes Hall.”

Nobu Ndlovu, former Hughes student and intern, and now part of the College’s Climate Governance Initiative: “I chose Hughes Hall because of its student diversity and mostly because of the Centre for Climate Engagement.”

Areas for internship

Centre for Climate Engagement

  1. Content Intern – Corporate Governance
    This role will support the Centre for Climate Engagement’s Content team in producing a series of briefing notes focused on codes and frameworks related to corporate climate governance from around the world. These briefing notes will make up part of a larger navigator tool of corporate climate governance tools for the Climate Governance Initiative’s international network of non-executive directors.
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  2. Content Intern – Greenhouse Gas Removals
    This role will work with experts across the University of Cambridge to gather academic and industry research to update and refresh CCE’s 2021 briefing on greenhouse gas removals (GGRs). This research will also help to inform CCE’s work on GGR – including nature-based solutions as well as technological solutions – as an important contribution to the global net zero transition.
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  3. CCE Legal Research Internship
    This role will contribute to the development of the CCE’s Law and Climate Atlas project, which maps intersections between climate change and various different areas of law. The Atlas is regularly updated, and interns will work on ensuring that sections in the Atlas are up to date with key recent legal developments. The CCE also aims to utilise the information in the Law and Climate Atlas to inform comparative legal research and analysis.
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  4. CCE Law and Policy Internship
    This role will contribute to work in the CCE’s law and policy programmes, in particular on projects focused on leveraging expertise within the Centre’s networks to create practical policy solutions to climate change. Interns will help shape two projects focused on climate policy, one focused on providing targeted responses to consultations from governments and key international organisations, the other on drafting model clauses that can be used in climate-related legislation. Interns will gain experience working at the interface of policy, law and climate change, providing important research and drafting that will inform the CCE’s work with experts in this area.
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  5. CANFUND project – Investment intern
    This role will contribute to the investment workstream which is a key part of the Locally Determined Contribution project funded by Innovate UK.  A team from the Centre for Climate Engagement is delivering the research expertise of which this workstream is a part.  An investment workshop which is taking place on 23 May will be a starting point and the investment intern will work closely with  CCE researchers to deepen and analyse the picture around investment flows to deliver Net Zero and the role of finance in the LDC.
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  6. CANFUND project – data intern
    This role will contribute to the data workstream which is a key part of the Locally Determined Contribution project funded by Innovate UK.  A team from the Centre for Climate Engagement is delivering the research expertise of which this workstream is a part.  A data workshop, which is taking place on 1 May, will be a starting point and the data intern will work with closely with CCE researchers to deepen and analyse the data picture on local emissions and how these can best align with the national data. This could include analysis of the local greenhouse gas inventory provided by DESNZ, for example.
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Climate Governance Initiative

  1. Operations Support
    This role will support the CGI team’s analysis of global surveys by comparing and summarising the questioning methodologies and results from these. The Climate Governance Initiative aims to drive climate action in the boardroom. In order to measure and improve its effectiveness it needs to understand what actions directors are taking and what is motivating or impeding them. Globally there are numerous surveys run which collect potentially useful information and this role will support the analysis of these to allow us to track progress and how to focus efforts for the greatest impact.
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  2. Partnerships Support
    This role will learn about and contribute to our work to further develop our partnerships programme. This varied role will allow you to use your research, database, and organisational skills, as you see first-hand how market research, email marketing and event planning all contribute to the overall goals of a non-profit, climate-focused organisation.
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How to apply?

If you are interested in applying for one of the internship position, please complete the application form (by clicking the link of the role you are interested in), along with the tutor permission form if required, and submit to climate@hughes.cam.ac.uk by midday on 31 May 2024.