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Acceptance reply form

This form is for applicants for postgraduate study at the University of Cambridge who have been accepted for membership of Hughes Hall.

The terms and conditions of College membership include the Statutes and Ordinances and the Data Protection Statement (both available on the Official Documents page), the Student Complaints Procedure, Student Disciplinary Policy, and the Fitness to Study Procedure (available on the Student Policies page). Please see the information included with your College membership letter for more information.

You will have completed the University’s Financial Undertaking Form in order to meet the financial condition of admission. (See the University’s Your Offer page for more information.) The College may contact you to confirm details or request further information as a condition of membership.

If you have medical or disability needs that require adjustments or additional support, please complete the disability information form. (This is not processed by the Admissions Office and the information provided is not used in the assessment of your application for study.) Please contact Dr Corinne Roughley, the Equality Officer, if you have any queries about this equality.officer@hughes.cam.ac.uk.

    Surname/family name:

    First name(s):

    Application number (see College membership letter):

    Course of study:

    Email address:

    Please register me as a member of Hughes Hall. I confirm that I agree to the terms and conditions of College membership and that I am responsible for ensuring payment of all University and College fees/bills and supporting myself financially during my whole period of study at Cambridge. I will advise the College if my financial circumstances change at any time.