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Introducing our Research Convenor

College Fellow, Dr Fatmah Mish Ebrahim, is delighted to take on the role.

And, a big welcome to her brave rescue dog Peanut.

Dr Fatmah Mish Ebrahim is a Swiss National Science Foundation Fellow in the Optoelectronics group of the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge. Her research focuses on designing molecular materials for a range of energy- and environment-related applications.

Drawing from a diverse background in inorganic chemistry, spectroscopy, and microengineering, Mish synthesises materials with targeted functionalities, studies the mechanisms governing their photo-chemical behaviour, and uses those insights to construct prototypes that demonstrate their potential in real-world applications.

Outside of the lab, Mish is passionate about education development, and has recently co-piloted a series of free, project-based STEM programs for schools in low-income districts of her native city of Karachi, Pakistan.

Dr Mish Ebrahim, Fellow and Research Convenor at Hughes Hall, with rescue dog Peanut.

Mish and the Early Career Researchers Committee are excited to build on previous efforts to rebuild, support and connect our Postdocs, with a programme of social, academic and career-focused events, including a new mentoring initiative to support our PhD community. We look forward to sharing more over the coming weeks through a Postdoc Spotlight series showcasing our people, their stories, and their research.

“It is such a joy to be part of the Hughes Hall community – I have been thrilled to meet so many students and researchers from so many different backgrounds making a difference in so many disciplines, cultures, and environments. Hughes really feels different to other institutions I’ve come across around Cambridge – I’m proud to play a part in our wider work inspiring students and researchers to connect with us and find out what makes us special. Somehow, the College manages to feel like a close-knit family whilst supporting one of the largest student bodies and diverse, progressive fellowships at Cambridge. Hughesians are literally changing the world!”

Hughes Hall has a large and vibrant Postdoc community with 50 researchers from around the world working in multiple disciplines to address many of the world’s most pressing problems.