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Hong Kong University Visiting Fellow

Dr Boyle is a visiting research fellow from the Biodiversity & Environmental Change Lab at the University of Hong Kong where he works in collaboration with Dr. Louise Ashton. Their research includes how climate change may affect rice agriculture in Thailand, El Niño related weather events in Borneo, wealth inequality and climate change in tropical cities, the ecology of the night, and long-term dynamics of insect populations in the Austral-Asian tropics.

While based at Hughes Hall, Dr Boyle will be working within the lab group of Prof. Edgar Turner, Curator of Insects at the Museum of Zoology. Members of Prof. Turner’s lab are using the unique collection of specimens at the museum to understand how organisms respond to environmental change through time. For the three months he will be visiting Cambridge, Dr Boyle will develop two collaborative projects alongside the research team at the museum. He hopes to build a long-term collaboration between the two institutions that will tackle the question of whether global insect populations are in decline, and what this could mean for the stability of Earth’s ecosystems.