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By-Fellow, Tutor

Ellie Greer is Pathways Programme Manager for Hughes Hall, responsible for designing and delivering the College’s programme of academic support. Her aim is to support all Hughes Hall students to develop the knowledge and competencies required to succeed academically and personally at Cambridge and beyond.

She undertook her undergraduate degree in English and Linguistics at Dalhousie University, Canada, and moved to the UK for a Master’s degree in English Linguistics at Oxford. After working for several years in Oxford and Cambridge libraries, she did a Master’s at UCL in Library and Information Studies and then a PhD in the history of private libraries and book collecting behaviour at the School of Advanced Study, London (Warburg Institute).

Alongside an interest in library history, she is keen to recognise and promote libraries as crucial sites of teaching and learning and to emphasise the centrality of their role in the student learning journey. She is interested in emerging practices of teaching and learning, and is particularly interested in critical pedagogy, blended learning, and learning technologies. She is committed to developing and modelling inclusive teaching practices, supporting non-traditional Cambridge students, integrating student voices into educational production, enhancing learning through digital technologies, and reducing barriers to achievement.