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Postdoc Spotlight: Dr Islam Alshamleh

14 September 2023

Dr Islam Alshamleh is a Research By-Fellow at Hughes Hall and a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Cambridge Institute. Islam is a cancer cell biologist...

Postdoc Spotlight: Dr Markus Höpfler

17 August 2023

A biochemist and cell biologist, Markus is interested in how cells maintain a functional state in a constantly changing environment, and throughout the lifetime of an organism, in order...

Postdoc Spotlight: Dr Jincan Zhang, Nanotechnologist

31 July 2023

Dr Jincan Zhang’s work explores the practical applications of 2D materials and investigates their structure-performance relationships, particularly graphene, with a view to developing new methods to grow, transfer,...

Postdoc Spotlight

17 April 2023

Matteo Zallio, an Inclusive Design Activist “Since I was a child I have always asked why; and built something with everything I found.” Dr Matteo Zallio is an...

Postdoc Spotlight: Dr Nyarie Sithole, Clinical Lecturer in Infectious Disease

22 March 2023

“What I do next will be of direct benefit to the people I knew at the start of my journey, in the hospitals of Sub-Saharan Africa, where the...

Postdoc Spotlight: Dr Claire West, Nanoscientist

7 March 2023

In a new series of spotlights, we highlight the exciting work of our research community. Our postdocs come from around the world, from different backgrounds and with different...