Accommodation at Hughes

Creating a home away from home, and finding a welcoming environment where students can study and socialise is an important part of the College’s provision for many of its students. As a college supporting mature students, many choose to live out of College, but for those who are offered College accommodation we provide a range of accommodation options to suit all preferences and budgets.

The College has about 400 rooms available to students to rent, 285 rooms are in buildings making up the central college site surrounding the cricket field, and a further 115 are in houses owned or managed by the College and located in the residential streets in the local area, or in student accommodation facilities adjacent to the University’s West Cambridge and Madingley Rise sites.

The central buildings include Gresham Court, a new building completed in 2016 providing some of the most up-to-date student accommodation in the University; the Wileman Building, a grand Victorian building which has been at the centre of college life since the 1890s; Centenary Building, which is attached to the Wileman Building, built in the 1990s it overlooks the lawns at the back of the Wileman Building. The Wollaston Building is an attractive early-20th century building on the main drive, and behind that is Chancellor’s Court, which was built in the 1990s and provides small sets where two students share kitchen and bathroom facilities set around a peaceful courtyard. The Fenner’s Building curves gently around the boundary line of the cricket pitch, and provides two unique roof terraces which offer a unique setting for members of the college.

While the focus of the accommodation provision is for students seeking single accommodation, we have a number of flats/studios available for students who bring a partner to Cambridge. We also provide guest rooms for visitors and alumni.