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Welcome to our new MCR Committee

We are delighted to introduce Hughes Hall’s fantastic MCR committee officers for 2023-24

Hello, goodbye

This is also an opportunity for the College to acknowledge the enormous efforts of the outgoing Committee 2022-23, led by Kudzai Chivenga. Their energy, dedication, flair and warmth have meant a great deal to many students and staff over the past year. Each officer had a positive influence on the development of the College, helping to consolidate our return to normality after the pandemic, and reinvigorate our community. So, thank you to all those stepping down from their roles.

Thank you to our outgoing Committee which included, from left: Nina Forsyth, Veronica Hera, Kudzai Chivenga, Ijeoma Ogbuju, Michael Tang and Nirmani Rathnayake.

The MCR Committee at Hughes Hall supports our student body in many important ways, from welfare, inclusion and social events to environmental issues and academic affairs, with an Officer for each of 17 roles. They help our students to get the most out of their time at Hughes and represent their interests on a number of College Committee and within other operational arenas. Our PhD student, Michael Tang, recently stepped down from four years’ dedicated service and provided a heartfelt overview of his time in post and the rewards and challenges of the post.

Meet the MCR

The new Committee is led by Veronica Hera, a PhD student reading Politics and International Studies. Veronica fulfilled the role of Academic Affairs Officer last year, a role she served with great dedication. energy and inspiration, particularly through launching a fantastic new series of events called Pending Puzzles which saw members of the College and wider academic community addressing key topics from different and thought-provoking angles.

Welcome to the new Committee, including, from bottom left: Heah Ka Hsing, Nina Forsyth, Alice Twigger-Ross; from middle left: Gabrielle Regimbal, Veronica Hera, Maya Schulz, Yihan Yue, Ethan Ong; and top: Ibrahim Khan.

Our new Officers introduce themselves here. Details and contact information for the MCR can be found on the Committee website.

President, Veronica Hera

“As MCR President, I am keen on organising a wide range of events that cater to the diverse and wonderful community we have at Hughes Hall. When I’m not working on my dissertation on trust in government or hanging out in the MCR, I love playing tennis or attending events at the Cambridge Union. If you have any ideas or feedback regarding the MCR, please feel free to reach out!”

Vice-President (External), Diana Bridgman

I am a second-year HSPS student and my primary job is to represent Hughes Hall in external forums. I’m dedicated to keeping you in the loop about university-wide campaigns and initiatives, and as such, I would love to hear your thoughts about anything and everything. I am also excited about making Hughes Hall feel welcoming and inclusive, so please come and introduce yourself. I also run the Hughes Hall Wine Society and you can let me know if you’d like to be added to the mailing list!

Vice-President (Internal), Maya Schulz

I’m a final-year law student and my role is to represent our student community at a variety of meetings and councils. I would love to continue our commitment to inclusivity and transparency and am looking forward to meeting many new students this year. Feel free to email me or talk to me if you have cool ideas for the MCR!

From left: incoming Vice-President Maya and President Veronica, alongside outgoing President Kudzai and Vice-President Ijeoma.

Secretary, Yihan Yue

“Hello, I’m Yihan, a first-year PBS undergrad and your MCR secretary. I can’t stand having any outstanding messages to be replied to so feel free to reach out to me for anything.”

Treasurer, Maxine Hanson

“As this year’s elected treasurer, I would like to continue demonstrating a strong commitment to transparency and accountability. What’s more, impartial and effective communication for all MCR expenses will be overseen and executed with the utmost integrity. I’m a second-year undergraduate reading the English Tripos.”

Social Secretary, Ibrahim Khan

“I’m Ibrahim, a law affiliate, and I’m psyched to be your Co-Social Sec along with Gabby. Hit me up if you have any hip n’ cool social ideas or need an excuse to procrastinate!!”

Social Secretary, Gabrielle Regimbal

“I’m Gabby, a second year law affiliate, and your co-social sec along with Ibrahim. I’m always down to clown and we can’t wait to organize awesome social events for you – so please hit me up with any ideas, or if you just wanna chat!”

Male and Non-binary Welfare Officer, Charlie Morgan

I’d like to place an emphasis on a sense of community at Hughes.   I’d also like to encourage people to prioritise some essential, healthy habits in their weekly schedules—such as fitness—which are foundational to our individual wellbeing. Please come talk with me whether it’s to do with any welfare concerns/issues or otherwise, and I also help run the Hughes Hall Film Club (7pm on Sundays!).

Female and Non-binary Welfare Officer, Sara Jaff

“Hi, my name is Sara and I’m a law tripos student here at Hughes! I’ll be planning some events for the female and non-binary students at the college, so if you have anything you’d like me to add to the schedule please reach out. So excited to be representing all of you.”

IT and Infrastructure Officer, Ethan Ong

“I’m Ethan, a first-year PBS undergrad. I’ll be managing your room bookings as well as the MCR website. Feel free to reach out if you ever need to!”

Academic Affairs Officer, Madiha Noman

“I am Madiha, a first-year PhD student in English. My role is to cater to your diverse range of academic needs. Whether it’s organizing captivating events, providing valuable mentoring, hosting insightful workshops, or creating memorable academic socials, my mission is to ensure that no stone is left unturned in enhancing your academic journey.”

Ethical and Environmental Officer, Heah Ka Hsing

“I’m a second-year English student. I believe we live at a time in dire need of solutions to the climate crisis. I will work to make sure these solutions are implemented as college policy, changing organisations and structures for the better rather than, as is so common, turning a systemic issue into a matter of personal, individual responsibility.”

Sports and Societies Officer, Alice Twigger-Ross

“I’m a first year PBS undergraduate and your MCR Sports and Societies Officer. I am your go to person when it comes to Sports and Societies so if you have ideas for a new society, need to discuss funding for a current one or just generally have questions please let me know!”

House Officer, Tiffany Crosbie-Walsh

“I’m an affiliate student studying law and I am excited to be addressing all things housing and accommodation this year. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any feedback, concerns, or input regarding Hughes or external accommodation!”

Equality and BAME Officer, Sarah Omer

“I organise events focused on inclusivity and making people feel represented. Shoot me a message if you have ideas for events you’d like to see put on, or need to discuss any inclusivity related issue at college/university.”

Equality and LGBT+ Officer, Nina Forsyth

“I am responsible for representing the LGBTQ+ community at Hughes – creating events, showing queer media, and promoting diversity and inclusion. I strongly believe that everyone should be able to live freely as who they are without worry (ask me about the Gender Expression Fund if relevant).”

Communications Officer, Olivia Robinson

I’m Olivia, a Music undergrad at Hughes, and your MCR Communications Officer 2023/2024! I will be managing the social media side of things, with my role being to keep you all informed and up to date about new and exciting MCR projects and events! Always feel free to drop me an email.