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Welcome to Hughes Hall

It is with great pleasure that we welcome our new undergraduates for 2021

With our highest number of applicants and a record-breaking intake, doubling that of five years ago, Hughes Hall is proud to extend a warm welcome to many more mature students looking to further their academic achievements in Cambridge.

Although largely known for our postgraduate focus, our undergraduate community is a strong, vibrant and important student cohort, adding to the rich and varied life at Hughes. As mature students, everyone at Hughes has arrived by a different route, with a different background, and brings different experiences, strengths and stories to their studies.

Having seen our best ever results from this summer’s graduates, our new intake is set to follow in their footsteps, and includes undergraduates with families, with comprehensive careers histories and a range of educational pathways. They join us from 20 different countries, span a range of ages, and are arriving to study almost every subject on offer at Cambridge, from Computer Science to Classics and Medicine to Philosophy.

We are particularly pleased to note the diversity of those joining us. Our new students come from around the world, from Korea to Cyprus, Brazil to Canada, and London to Lithuania, and join a thriving, influential and supportive network of Hughesians around the world.

Tori McKee, Senior Tutor, welcomed the new intake: “Thank you for choosing us. Our students tell us we are the friendliest college, and we pride ourselves on an inclusive culture and welcoming community. Alongside your Tutors we have a dedicated staff, welfare team and Senior Membership to support your student journey, right through to graduation.

But that is a long way off. For now, welcome! I look forward to meeting you soon.”

Jordan Corbett, President of our MCR student body, also reached out: “Hi all, and welcome to Hughes Hall! The MCR is here to help all students with whatever concerns they may have, and we are here to represent you. Our number one aim is to rebuild our community in the aftermath of the pandemic and make sure that you have a comfortable, supported and enjoyable time in college. All we ask is you get stuck into college life from day one and in return we will make sure you have an awesome time at Hughes!”

Further information for students

Our website is an important source of information and updates, especially the comprehensive Student Centre. Also see: