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Students nominate their Hughes Hall Heroes

The arrival of COVID-19 and subsequent lockdown saw students and staff face numerous unprecedented challenges. The response of the Hughes community has been amazing and hence the introduction of ‘Hughes Hall Heroes’ by the MCR as a way to recognise those who have been above any beyond to support other members of the college through such a difficult period. 

We’re so pleased for all of the winners who we’ve listed below!

Tim and Neil, Porters

‘All of the wonderful porters have been incredible during this period. They are a continual support to all of the students still at Hughes, thank you to Tim, Neil and all the porters!’ ~ Alexandra Entwistle-Thompson, MCR president

The cleaning and housekeeping team

“Our amazing cleaning team have been incredible throughout this time. They’ve continued to clean our communal areas, always being so smiley and cheerful throughout. Thank you for everything you’ve done and are doing!” ~Anon

Marco Piccolo, Student 

“Marco is so kind and willing to help, delivering food to someone in self isolation and always offering assistance around the college!” ~Anon

Amalie, Student

“Amalie is always so happy to help other students with shopping, errands and other bits, along with a big smile too!” ~Anon

“Amalie is such a genuine, caring person, who goes above and beyond for other people. College has been a brighter place with her in it!” ~Anon

Monica and Chloe, Tutorial Office

“Monica and Chloe are both completely lovely as well as being so cheery! They really care for each of the students at Hughes and do all they can to help as much as possible. They always have time for you and become genuine friends after no time at all.” ~Anon

The Gardeners of Hughes Hall

“The gardeners of Hughes Hall have been working very hard not only to ensure that the on-site gardens and plants are well kept and are able to provide a relaxing breathing space for students, but also in ensuring that off-site houses’ backyards are also well kept and tidied. I cannot express how grateful I am for these spaces, as they surely help me keep calm during this time of uncertainty, restlessness and social distancing. The students don’t really get the chance to interact with College gardeners in the same way that we, for instance, interact with porters, housekeepers and dining hall staff. But I hope they know that the students appreciate their work and effort. Thank you very much. ❤️” ~Anon

Paul Parrish, Maintenance Manager

“Paul has a true can do spirit. He has been at Hughes Hall for a long time and is ready to step in to what ever roll he is needed whether it is the porters lodge, helping with the bops, or his own role as maintenance. Never too busy to help out.” ~Tim Hardiman

“Both the head of maintenance, and sometimes a porter, Paul always is a friendly face, he listens, always tries to solve any problems and and is guaranteed to make you laugh along the way! Thank you Paul!” ~Anon

Joseph Zhao, Student

“Was an awesome person during quarantine helping with food and good company.” ~Anon

“Hongsheng is a student volunteer who helps with packing and moving leaving students’ luggage. I would like to appreciate his help and other student volunteers.” ~Anon

Nikki and Paulina, Students

“Amazing pub quiz providers since lockdown has begun- thank you both!” ~anon

The College Porters

“In the period of great uncertainty (mid March), our Head Porter ensured the college is sufficiently prepared for quarantine measures and internal college affairs.” ~anon

“Both Louise and Neil are friendly, positive and really lovely people who do Hughes Hall credit by providing making the college such a welcoming and happy place to be. They make you feel at home and couldn’t be more helpful. Likewise Monica and Chloe are both completely lovely as well as being so cheery! They really care for each of the students at Hughes and do all they can to help as much as possible. They always have time for you and become genuine friends after no time at all.” ~Anon

Olivia Godber, Student

“Olivia has been a major asset to my family during this tough period.” ~Anon

“Before covid, I knew her as a kind person, sweet girl but we didnt really talk much, even though we lived in the same building. When the coronavirus hit, i found myself trapped alone in a country that wasnt my home (im an international student), and for awhile i was lost and confused and the days were a torture. Olivia caught me one night in the worst state, and immediately she went about consoling me. Her comp~Anon

“Olivia is truly a wonderful person. She always brightens up the mood in the room and has always been incredibly supportive to anyone she has ever met. I am especially grateful for her during this period. I have had many personal family issues and Olivia has always been there to support me. She is one of the most selfless people I know!” ~Jivan Navani

Emma and Georgia, Students

“Emma and Georgia spent much of their free time over the last few weeks in drafting the rent petition for students who have concerns about the rent. Although the petition was not successful, we would still like to appreciate their help in expressing students’ concerns in the rent issues.” ~Anon

Kathryn Smart, Head of Domestic Operations

“Kathryn has worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone is catered for and looked after in Hughes. She has supported students as much as she can, wherever she can and we are all really grateful.” ~Anon

Shuling Wang, Student

“She has done a lot of work to help other students to protect themselves, like help others to buy Hand sanitizers and masks.” ~Anon

“She helps me a lot during the lock down.” ~He Tang

Maria Gloag, College Nurse

“During this difficult and trying period, Maria has been incredible in supporting with any experiences of mental health issues or any other concern- whether they are big or small. Her continuous support has meant a lot, and Hughes Hall is very lucky to have her as a college nurse.” ~Anon

“Maria is one of the loveliest people. She is the best person to talk to if you’re having a rough time or you if have a dilemma, often being the much needed voice of reason. I have greatly appreciated still being able to talk with Maria throughout this pandemic and wanted to thank her!” ~Nicola Gorringe

“She is one of the most helpful people at Hughes (and Cambridge in genl.) and goes well beyond what her job entails. A true diamond!” ~Anon

EJ, Student

“EJ was a tremendous help, delivering supplies and necessities when I in self-isolation. I would like to thank her for all the support during that dire time.” ~Anon

Cris van Eijk, Student

“Cris is the smartest and the kindest guy I’ve ever met. He’s really helped me through this hard time with countless hours of our talks and I owe him my mental stability (or however close I can get to it). He’s always smiling, helpful and patient with whatever I decide to complain about. He truly is just like glitter to Hughes Hall and glitter makes everything better. ” ~Anon

Juliet Turnbull, Student

“Juliet Turnbull swiftly became central part of the Hughes community this year, and college has become a brighter place because of it. She has always given her time to all that meet her, and she has risen to the challenges of this time with the same spirit will. Her energy, sincerity and desire to aid others is a blessing. While she would never want such a public display of gratitude (she would probably insist that this is a load of ****) it is truly deserved. Hughes is a better place with her in it!” ~Anon

Dr Anthony Freeling, President

“His leadership and accessibility during this pandemic have been impressive. Rarely does the president of a college come online for meetings with students. At many institutions, you do not even know the name of your president. The warmth, professionalism, and attention to detail over this period reaffirms that Hughes Hall was a wonderful choice. Making himself available and reaching out to Alumni to raise money to support the hardships of the Hughes community at this time demonstrates the action-oriented approach to his leadership. It is my privilege and pleasure to nominate President Anthony Freeling.” ~ Freedom-Kai Philips

Dr Johnston & Dr Roughley, Senior Tutor and Deputy Senior Tutor (Welfare)

“For their quick, precise and care-filled approach to a developing situation and their subsequent ongoing support not only to prevent further deterioration but to facilitate ongoing improvement.” ~Anon

Dr Corinne Roughley

“She truly cares about the students of Hughes hall. This is reflected in the kind, consistent and determined work she does on our behalf’s.” ~ Beth Pasfield

Dr Philip Johnston

“One of the finest and most hardworking tutors in Cambridge. How he balances so much administrative work with pastoral care is a mystery only he can unravel. Thank you so much for everything! ❤ ~Anon

Marco Piccolo (2019, Law) talks more about his experience of COVID-19 lockdown at Hughes Hall in the video below: