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Mahnaz Malik appointed to World Bank Sanctions Board

Today, we congratulate Hughes Hall Fellow, Mahnaz Malik, on her appointment as one of the seven external judges on the World Bank Sanctions Board.

Further to the April 2023 announcement, the Sanctions Board Secretariat is pleased to announce the appointment of the new IFC Sanctions Board Member, Ms. Mahnaz Malik.

Ms. Malik practices as an Arbitrator and Barrister from Twenty Essex Chambers in London. She has over 23 years of legal experience in cross-border trade and investment, including serving as an arbitrator in commercial and investment law matters, acting as counsel to investors, organizations and States and working as a consultant to international organizations. She is also a Governing Body Fellow and Trustee of Hughes Hall College, University of Cambridge, where she received her MA in Law. She has served as a member of the ICSID Panel of Arbitrators for over a decade, and previously was appointed as a member of the ICSID ad hoc Annulment Committee in two cases. She has also served as a member of the ICC Commissions on Arbitration and Anti-Corruption.

The World Bank Sanctions Board, composed of seven external judges, is an independent administrative tribunal that serves as the final decision-maker in all contested cases of sanctionable misconduct occurring in development projects financed by the World Bank. With the support of a dedicated Secretariat, the Sanctions Board functions as the second tier of the World Bank Sanctions System and issues final decisions on appeals of determinations reached at the first tier.

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