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Green Week blooms for longer at Hughes Hall

The annual Green Week at Hughes Hall will grow longer and greener than ever this year, thanks to a packed schedule of activities running from 4 to 19 March 2024.

Officially, Hughes Hall Green Week is 11-15 March, but this year our events will outgrow a single week, spreading roots across three instead.

From plants, puzzles and professional advice, through to cycle repairs, vegan recipes and ‘waste-less’ meals, and ‘climate’ internships, the whole community will have a chance to learn new skills and flourish.

Monday 4 March

Kicking off events, the MCR and the Centre for Climate Engagement (CCE) will host “Pending Puzzles: It’s not Easy Being Green,” a panel on climate change, on Monday 4 March from 18:00pm to 19:30 in the Pavilion Room. Hear from experts in the field, discuss their strategies for tackling climate change, and explore effective solutions for a sustainable future.

The Library’s ‘Tree Musketeers’ will join the main collection at Hughes Hall, alongside the fantastic new library display on all things Green (Week).

Monday 11 March to Friday 15 March

The Library at Hughes Hall will run green activities all week, including welcoming a new buddy to join last year’s three new plants, which were named Porthos, Athos and Aramis (the Tree Musketeers) by the students. There will also be:

  • A Green Week book display
  • Plant care leaflets, local walking maps and wildlife guides
  • Free cress seed packets
  • A new sustainable Green jigsaw puzzle
  • No Moos Hughes Brews – a vegan version of our weekly tea break on Tuesday 12 March from 15:00 to 15:30

Tuesday 12 March

Find out about green professions at a panel discussion on Careers in Sustainability for Tuesday 12 March 6-7 pm in the Pavilion Room (before the Green Week formal hall).  This event is organised by the Pathways Programme and the CCE. It’s free of charge but please sign up here.

We will be joined by Mountain Troll Cycles on the drive to get your bikes fixed up and in peak condition. Don’t worry if you miss it, we will be joined again on Wednesday.

Wednesday 13 March

“Waste less” Cafeteria Lunch serving a special menu created to use food items that are usually wasted and to prioritise ingredients prepared as whole products rather than discarding parts.

Alongside the two Green week themed formal halls, Wednesday 13th March sees our lunchtime menu focused on reducing food waste. The menu has been created to utilise food items that are usually wasted, are by-products or contain items that are prepared in a way the uses the whole products rather than discarding parts.

Globally, 25–30% of total food produced is lost or wasted, and food waste is estimated by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to contribute 8-10% of total man-made greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. If food waste were a country, it would be the world’s third largest GHG emitter after China and the USA.

Look out for crispy root skins, carrot top pesto, peelings pie and roasted cauliflower leaves!

Mountain Troll Cycles will also be returning for further bike maintenance.

Thursday 14 March

Local business Small and Green is holding a pop-up plant sale on Thursday 14 March, from 15:00 to 19:00 in the Pfeiffer/Maletin Room. Explore a variety of affordable and resilient houseplants and decorative pots perfect for students. Additionally, they’re offering a workshop on the advantages of indoor plants and a clinic for distressed houseplants from 17:30 to 18:30 in the Pfeiffer Room. Registration is required to attend the workshop. Register here to book a place.

There are a wide range of activities, opportunities and events to mark Green Week across the College – or just take a walk around the grounds!

Tuesday 19 March

If the busy schedule has left you craving peace and nature, join fellow Hughes Hall students and students for a free guided tour of the Cambridge University Botanic Garden. Meet at 13:30 at the Hughes Porter’s Lodge to walk to the gardens together or join us at the Hills Road entrance to the Botanic Garden at 14:00. Sign up here.

And beyond Green Week…

Did you know that the Centre for Climate Engagement, one of the Bridge initiatives based at Hughes Hall, runs year-round events about climate change?

We connect academic experts with policymakers, industry leaders, and practitioners to turn ideas into tangible solutions to accelerate the race to net zero emissions and climate resilience. We run lively debates, workshops, and conferences in Cambridge, London and worldwide.

Join our growing community to collaborate, innovate, and make a difference. Sign up to our mailing list to find out about news and upcoming events: https://climatehughes.org/contact/  You can also follow us on social media on Twitter/X and Linked In.

Find out more about Hughes Hall’s Centre for Climate Engagement – translating climate research for business and policymakers to accelerate the race to net zero – on their website at https://climatehughes.org.

Apply for a summer internship!

Do you care about climate action? Do you want to gain work experience on a real-life research project?

Our summer internship programme is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students (up to one-year post-completion of undergraduate degree). The programme will include up to seven internship positions, with a focus on conducting desk research in climate governance and law and climate change.

When, where, how?

The internships will run for the equivalent up to four full-time weeks (up to 150 hours), which can be completed over June to September as applicable for the individual positions. The interns will be based at Hughes Hall but can work remotely. Please register your interest now, and we’ll let you know as soon as applications open: https://climatehughes.org/contact/.

For more

On sustainability at Hughes Hall: www.hughes.cam.ac.uk/about/policies-and-documents/sustainability.