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Archive of the month! 102 year old Hughes Hall poetry.

Archive of the month! Today we are sharing some poetry found in the Hughes Hall library in a poetry book by Edward Thomas. The book is now 102 years old!

Edward Thomas (1878–1917), poet and writer, is best remembered for his poetry. Edward Thomas started writing poetry in 1914, after meeting Robert Frost in 1913. By the time of his death, Thomas had written over 140 poems. He is regarded as one of the most significant poets of the twentieth century. Ted Hughes described Edward Thomas as “the father of us all”.

These volumes are from the Ohtake collection. Professor Masatsugu Ohtake, Honorary Fellow, formerly of Waseda University, has amassed a magnificent collection of books which he has donated to Hughes Hall. The collection includes fine press limited editions, material relating to the poets of the First World War, and also to Ted Hughes, the late Poet Laureate.

Find out more here: https://www.hughes.cam.ac.uk/…/a…/library/ohtake-collection/